Your Ultimate Guide to Spending Time in Kumbalangi

Imagine this: A day packed with exciting adventures, cultural treats, and a glimpse of nature’s magic. Welcome to Kumbalangi, a place of infinite fun! Join us for an informal stroll in this bustling hamlet with many activities throughout the day. Kumbalangi has everything, from the captivating art of Kathakali to the centuries-old practice of Chinese net fishing. There is something here to make you grin, whether you love culture or consider yourself an adventurer.

Dive into Aquatic Adventures: Get ready to make a splash in the world of fish farming by diving into aquatic adventures! Imagine ponds and tanks filled to the capacity of fin-tastic creatures such as salmon, carp, catfish, and tilapia. Sustainable aquaculture is the primary focus of this underwater beauty. Take a literal plunge into this fin-tastic encounter by grabbing your snorkel.

Master the Cheena Vala Technique: Do you like an exciting challenge? Try your hand at Cheena Vala, a traditional Chinese net fishing method. It’s a complex fishing technique that has been passed down through the centuries. Get sucked into the fascinating process, and you never know—you might even pull in a few fish to talk about!

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Your Ultimate Guide to Spending Time in Kumbalangi

Craftsmanship with Coconut Leaves: Expect to be amazed as skilled rural ladies weave their magic with coconut leaves. They weave complex designs for roof thatching and home fencing. It’s a work of art that has not only endured the test of time but also gives the community a hint of elegant tropical style.

Crabs and Coir: Tour a crab farm to understand more about the many crab species and their peculiar breeding practices. Then, be prepped for the intriguing world of coir production—a traditional craft championed by village women. The finest kind of ecotourism, it preserves rural practices one coconut at a time.

Practical Ceramics and Basketry: Explore the clay department while getting your hands a little dirty. As stoneware, porcelain, and earthenware come to life, take a moment to gasp at the finished beauty simply! Feeling creative? Put on your aprons and experiment with pottery. Also, don’t miss the local craftsmen who create exquisite baskets that you can treasure as mementoes and souvenirs. 

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Culinary Delights: Feast your taste buds for a flavour explosion thanks to these culinary delights! Try some traditional fare like fried pearl spot fish (Karmeen Pollichathu), roasted prawns (Chemmeen Ularthiyathu), crabs, and oysters. Looking for information? Learn to make these Kerala specialities with the locals. Bon appetite! Coconut water is an absolute treat to quench your thirst. Picture this: You are sipping a glass of this revitalizing beverage, known for its therapeutic properties while sitting among swaying coconut trees. It’s like taking a direct taste of heaven through a coconut.

Your Ultimate Guide to Spending Time in Kumbalangi

Set Sail on Serene Waters: The backwaters may appear quiet, but they are a hive of activity. Take a relaxing cruise while admiring the fine workmanship of these wooden fishing and recreational boats. Trust me, it’s a ton of fun!

Sweeping Beauty: Have you ever wondered how coconut leaves are used to make brooms? Learn how to transform these leaves into useful cleaning tools for dirty floors and outdoor spaces, just like Mother Nature lending her helping hand!

From Coconut to Oil: Witness the amazing process of separating coconut oil from copra, the dried coconut flesh. It’s more than simply oil; it’s a key source of income for the community and also a source of liquid gold.

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Clams and Toddy: Join the locals on a clam-tastic trip with “Clams and Toddy”! Collect and prepare clams, a delicacy of the sea. Then, explore the world of toddy tapping, which produces a native beverage with an 8.1% natural alcohol content from palm fruits. Let’s raise a toast to tradition!

Planning a trip? For ideal weather, choose the cosy winter months (October to mid-February). A refreshing respite from the heat can be found in the summer months (March to May), while the monsoon season (June onwards) brings torrential rains and a distinctive environment. 

Kumbalangi is a splendid mine of cultural diversity, from aquaculture activities to coconut crafts. For those seeking a distinctive and all-encompassing rural tourist experience in the heart of Kerala, it is an absolute must-visit. So prepare for an unusual adventure of exploration in Kumbalangi by loading your baggage right away!

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