Kumbalangi To Be India’s First Sanitary-Napkin Free Village

For the first time in India, Kumbalangi in Kerala’s Ernakulam district will be a sanitary-free zone. Kerala governor Arif Mohammed Khan proudly announced this achievement. The initiative is part of a campaign that is currently in progress in Ernakulam. 

Kumbalangi originally garnered wide acclamation for being India’s first model tourism village. It’s an island village that is located on the outskirts of Kochi. The place became even more popular after the Malayalam movie Kumbalangi Nights was released. The destination is known for its ecological beauty, including the fishing model that uses Chinese fishing nets and local handicraft practices. 

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As per the campaign, around 5000 menstrual cups will be distributed to women who are 18 years and above. The campaign is part of the ‘Avalkayi’ (for her) scheme that is being carried out in the Ernakulam district. The project is in collaboration with HLL Management Academy and Indian Oil Corporation.

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Once declared a Sanitary-napkin free village, Kumbalangi will be regarded as a successful model for other villages, panchayats, and districts to follow suit. It’s is indeed an achievement to be proud of.

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