Thandar’s Garden: A Terracotta Paradise For Your Garden, Home, And Daily Life

Thandar’s Garden is a Kerala-based garden, home decor and accessories brand that makes your living space colourful. You can get a wide range of terracotta products, including hand-painted planters, home decor, and earrings. It is started by Ammu Abhirami who is from Kochi but based in Vaikom. She is a product design postgraduate, currently pursuing the creation of her brand, Thandar’s Garden.

How It All Began

Ammu’s postgraduate course ended not long before the lockdown began. At the time, she was with her grandmother whom she fondly shared a bond. She wanted to spend time with her grandmother as she was getting old and was in need of companionship. 

Ammu shared, “I wasn’t able to concentrate on doing anything career-oriented. I felt that I would regret it if I don’t spend time with her. So I began planning a future that would allow me to remain near her while pursuing my passion.“

But unfortunately, her grandmother passed away soon after. She processed the loss by cleaning her family garden and repainting all the planters. She shared, “I decided to sell these planters because people who saw them assumed that they were for sale. So I began this adventure by just randomly posting planters from my garden.”

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Thandar’s Garden

What’s Special About Thandar’s Garden?

Ammu started her business as a garden and interior decor-oriented brand. However, as time passed by, she started to include dinnerware and accessories. All the planters and dinnerware pieces you see on her page are bought from local artisans and handpainted by her. The accessories, on the other hand, are made and painted from scratch. 

What You Should Get?

Her planters have been the most interest generating and best selling items in her catalogue. Ammu says it’s probably because the market isn’t saturated yet.

The smallest planter, which is ideal for offices tables decor, cost INR 300/-. From that point, the cost of the planter ranges depending on size, shape and design.  

As for the accessories, she currently sells earrings. Her studs cost INR 99/- (and up) and dangle earrings come at a cost of INR 299/- (and up). 

Her tea set cost INR 1800/-

For all purchases above Rs 2000/-, she provides free shipping. As of now, she is available on both Instagram and Facebook

You can hit her up on any of the above social media handles to get your own Thandar’s Garden products. She plans to create a new website for her creations soon. 

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