7 Most Memorable Grandparent-Grandchild Relationships In Malayalam Cinema

Grandparents are the original babysitters – they take care of their grandchildren when their children aren’t around, and often when they are around too. While young parents are freshers, new to the parenting job role, the grandparents are subject matter experts (or they think they are) and want to play a part in the moulding of their grandchildren. It is a relationship that can play a vital role in one’s life, and it is no wonder that we have many forms of this relationship portrayed in Malayalam cinema. And a few of these movies left us with lasting impressions.

Here’s a list of some of the most memorable grandparent-grandchild relationships from Malayalam movies.

Summer In Bethlehem

As a child, your grandparents were probably the ones who gave you extra pocket money. Ravishankar (Jayaram) never got past that stage. This unsuccessful investor wants some money from his stern but loving grandfather, Colonel C.R. Menon (Janardhanan). This essentially is the premise of the story and gave us gems like, “Ainthu cousins nelli yaaravathu obrruvathuve maadikondren thaasthanthu personal aasthiyellam ninike sikithe”. 


Oh man, this one is a heart breaker! While in most movies the grandparent would be one of the supporting characters in the movie, in Moonaampakkam the grandparent was the main character. Thilakan delivered one of his best performances as Thampi. One should be truly heartless to not be moved when Thampi greets and hugs his grandson with tears and a smile, or at the end where he holds on to Pachu’s (Jayaram) clothes.


The bond between a grandmother and grandson is one of the most beautiful things in the world. Yes, this comes with a tinge of bias as I spent a lot of time at my grandparent’s place as a kid and my grandmother spoilt me to bits. And that’s exactly why I love the bond shown between Manu (Prithviraj) and Unni Amma (Kaviyoor Ponnamma) in Nandanam.  

God Father

But what about the bond between a granddaughter and grandmother, I hear you ask. Well, we have one of those too – Malu (Kanaka) and Aanappara Achamma (Philomina). Ok, now I know Achamma gets Malu involved in the family feud and has a toxic influence on her. But it still shows how a  grandmother-granddaughter duo can team up and do incredible things. 

Nokketha Doorathu Kannum Nattu

As a movie that depicts a granddaughter’s effort to patch up the estranged relationship with her grandmother, Nokketha Doorathu Kannum Nattu won our hearts and left us with tears. One of the best things about this movie was the song “Aayiram Kannumaay” – a song that made all Malayalis empathise with grandparents waiting for their children/grandchildren to visit them.

Diamond Necklace

In a world where granddaughters are said to be ‘modern’ and grandmothers are said to be ‘traditional’, we were greeted to a delightful role-reversal in Diamond Necklace – Rajasree (Anusree) and her grandmother (Sukumari). Though her role in the movie was limited, Sukumari left a lasting impression and helped build an image for Rajasree in our minds.

Ustad Hotel

You always run to your grandparents when your parents are angry with you; they almost always offer protection. And that’s exactly what happens when Faizi has a falling out with his father; he runs to his Uppuppa (Kareemka). What follows is one of the best on-screen relationships (of any kind) you’ll see. Over the course of the movie, the two help each other in love, business, and life – mending broken relationships and creating new ones.

That was our list. Did we miss any? Let us know in the comments section.

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