These Keralites Celebrated Onam In Antarctica By Making A Pookalam On Ice

Onam may be over but some of us are still reliving the celebration by looking at photos and videos of pookalams, payasams, and sadya. Whoever thought that settling down from the Onam festivities would be so hard? But, for a group of Keralites in Antarctica, the Onam celebration has just begun. Despite living in harsh weather conditions, these Malayalis ensured that they celebrated Onam in the right spirit. So, they carved a pookalam on ice. Yes, you heard that right.

A video of them celebrating Onam In Antarctica by making a pookalam on ice was shared by industrialist Anand Mahindra. In the video, you can see them craving a flower design on the ice at -25 degrees Celsius.

Dr Shinoj Shasheendran, Anoop K Soman, R Adith, Dr P V Pramod, and Poli Baby John are the people you see in the clip. According to a report by Asianet, this group of five young Malayalis are staying in the Bharati Research Centre as part of India’s 41st Antarctic expedition project.

Netizens, especially Malayalis worldwide, are at loss for words. Celebrating Onam In Antarctica just goes to show the Malayali spirit that exists. Here’s what Twitter users had to say about this:

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