The Typical Onam FOMO ft. Introverts

Onam is here! While we watch the state gear up for the mega festival, Malayalis in various corners of the country and the world are syncing in to celebrate the Onam joy. Somehow, we feel that if we’re away from Kerala we can’t celebrate the ‘perfect’ Onam and that gives us major FOMO, meaning the fear of missing out. Many avoid celebrating Onam if they are alone because they think ‘they aren’t doing it right’. This article will help you fight the FOMO with ideas for celebrating your personal Onam, especially if you are an introvert.

Onam is a festival best celebrated with friends and family, but what if you’ve recently moved to a new place and are struggling to find your group or simply, is an introvert who doesn’t like dressing up, and clicking photos? Either way, if you identify yourself as someone who will possibly be spending Onam alone, keep reading. We may have the perfect solution. (Chumma alla)

Sadhya Supremacy

The Typical Onam FOMO ft. Introverts

Disaster at cooking? Tension not. Find the closest Malayali restaurant to your place and book a sadhya today. Sit on your bed and relish away without basic food etiquette because no one is watching you. An even better option would be to order two. (Dinnerum set aavum) 

Asianet or Surya?

In the era of OTT platforms, TV serials and programmes are almost non-existent. Onam programmes may come to your rescue from loneliness and boredom as you can watch a mindless marathon of movies coupled with the ‘Onamaashamsakal’ wishes during each Ad. Some channels have their own live footage of Onam celebrations or specially curated events to give you the full Onam feel at home. 

Payasam coma

The Typical Onam FOMO ft. Introverts

If Sadhya is not your cup of tea, order yourself a cup of payasam instead. Give yourself the sugar rush with Paalada, Ada Pradhaman, Semiya payasam and much more. Nothing like an afternoon nap where you can barely keep your eyes open after multiple cups of payasam dripping all over your chin. 

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Be a part of someone else’s celebrations 

Long video calls with family and friends who are celebrating the festival in full swing or are doing the same things as you are can be really heartwarming. Onam’s true spirit is the brotherhood and uniting of families. Reminiscing your childhood Onam with a sibling or checking up on a long-lost friend can infuse you with this spirit of togetherness.

Groove to the Onam playlist

The Typical Onam FOMO ft. Introverts

Not a fan of folk dances? Or thinking you’re only good while you’re alone? Burn some sadhya fat by dancing. The typical Malayalm Onam songs which you grew up listening to can you give the real nostalgia and warmth you are looking for. 

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Influencer ‘influence’ cheeyuthillia

Criticizing those who are putting up a show on social media with their Onam plans can somehow give you samadhanam. A little pucham and kushumbu are okay when you’re lying on the bed skipping story after story. Gossiping and overanalyzing sometimes help you more than you think. 

PS: This will remind you of how your ammayi and amma come together with dirt on everyone. 

Make yourself ramp ready

Don’t want to leave home but want to dress up? What are you waiting for? Being out the Manish Malhotra in you and transform that mala in an arinjaanam and that bland top into a sexy blouse. The goal is to make everyone believe that you celebrated Onam, so get ready with the saree or mundu and click some ‘thirst pics”.

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Vallamkali and Vadamvalli (literally and figuratively)

The Typical Onam FOMO ft. Introverts

It’s okay if you can’t go boating, you can boat in alcohol. What’s Onam night if you don’t wake up the next day with a hangover? Or so to say, if you’re not kindi.  So pour yourself a nice drink and have a Vadamvalli with your blanket as it lures you back into bed while you watch an old cringe Malayalam movie on YouTube. 

Enjoy the holiday!

The Typical Onam FOMO ft. Introverts

One may not celebrate Onam due to various reasons including the death of a loved one or simply because there are more pressing issues at hand. In such a situation, you can just consider Onam as a day to step back and breathe. Don’t fall for the peer pressure and just enjoy the holiday as you see fit. 

Chastising a Malayali and questioning their identity if they decide not to celebrate Onam is a common occurrence. But this year let us celebrate Onam as we see fit and most importantly, let others celebrate Onam as they see fit. Celebrating Onam in another state or country seems like a real task with practical problems, but in the end, what matters is how happy we are whichever way we choose to celebrate the festival.

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