Watch Video: This Principal From Kerala Stopped A Private Bus To Allow His Students To Enter

One of the annoying things that private buses in Kerala are known for is that they avoid taking in students. They’d rather have full-paying passengers than students who pay a concessional amount. These buses tend to stop away from the student crowd or avoid stopping at bus stops filled with students altogether. In such a situation, it becomes hard for students to commute back and forth. A principal from Kerala took matters into his own hands and decided to teach a lesson to the driver of a private bus.

Dr Sakeer, the principal of PTM Higher Secondary School, located in Perinthalmanna in the Malappuram district had been receiving constant complaints from students about the behaviour of drivers of private buses. He, therefore, decided to take the matter seriously and went to the roads to confront the situation.

The video was shared by the MediaOne television channel on Facebook. In the clip that has been going viral, the principal from Kerala can be seen stopping a private bus and arguing with the driver. He even stood in front of the bus as a form of protest. The driver finally succumbed to the situation and decided to board the students. Upon hearing this, the students cheered for their favourite principal.

Watch the video here:

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