These 2 Malayali Entrepreneurs in Canada turned their Grandfather’s Charayam Recipe into a Liquor Brand

Imagine sipping a drink that carries Kerala’s soul and spirit from halfway around the world right into your glass. That’s exactly what “Taika,” the brand-new Canadian booze craze, promises. Taika is more than merely a liquor brand; it’s a trip through the unpretentious beauty of Kerala, created out of the brilliant ideas of two Malayali youngsters, Ajith Padmanabhan and Sajeesh Joseph! 

We’ll dive deep into the captivating journey of Taika, uncovering its secrets, flavours, and the incredible passion that drives it.

An Unparalleled Connection to Kerala

During a boisterous New Year’s celebration in December 2022, Taika made its triumphant entry into the world of spirits. This artisanal arrack, which has its origins concealed in an old family recipe, has swept Canada, selling more than 500 litres since it first appeared. But why is Taika so unique?

The Magic Ingredients

The secret of Taika’s enticement is its expertly created mixture of uncooked fruits, dates, jaggery, and spices. A 750-ml bottle of liquid Kerala magic is manufactured by meticulously combining all of these elements at a rented distillery in Ontario. Thanks to the e-commerce websites of local delivery partners, it is now just a few clicks away at a price of 55 Canadian dollars.

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An Odyssey of Global Flavor

While Taika largely serves the Malayali diaspora in Canada, Canadians from a variety of backgrounds have fallen in love with its distinctive flavours. The Malayalam writing “Nadan Charayam” on the label, which is further adorned with Kerala’s cultural symbols, demonstrates the company’s dedication to multiculturalism. The word “Taika,” which means “tiger,” honours the Kraken, a legendary octopus that served as the inspiration for a well-known rum.

Horizons with Ambition

Taika has an eye set on international growth. In addition to securing a license from the Canadian Liquor Control Board, discussions are currently underway with the Kerala State Beverages Corporation Ltd. to get sales authorization in Kerala. Their future vision? To capture the markets in Dubai and Europe! Additionally, Taika plans to pique your sense of flavour in the future with gin, vodka, and rum variants.

A Toast to Tradition

Taika continues in the footsteps of Mandakini, another Kerala’s treasure that debuted in the Canadian market in 2021, during an interesting turn of events. Taika’s incredible path was paved by ardent Malayalis who created it from sugarcane extract initially.

Let’s raise a toast to Taika, an appetizer that fuses old and new, and raise a glass in honour of the young entrepreneurs who transformed a household recipe into a worldwide phenomenon.

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