Shaay Global, India’s First Teacup-Shaped Kiosk

You know how sometimes a nice cup of tea hits differently? Well, for a lot of people in India, it’s practically a spiritual experience. They swear by the comfort it brings to their mind and soul. And now, there’s a cool new chaaya spot called Shaay Global that’s bringing that same vibe to our neighbourhood. They are India’s first teacup-shaped kiosk; how creative is that? Sounds like just what we need to unwind and relax.

Assim Mohamed Musthafa, the creator of Shaay Global, was born and raised in Saudi Arabia. He has over ten years of experience in the food and beverage realm. Assim had a clear vision of providing the finest tea and coffee, which he began pursuing during his college days in Manipal. He initiated his journey by opening a waffle shop, followed by various business ventures. He worked as a restaurant consultant and did consulting projects for other restaurant brands. Shaay’s success was not achieved overnight; it faced several challenges, but with the unwavering efforts of its team, it has reached its current position.

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Without conforming to the usual tea shops in the country, Assim turned his vision of Kerala’s first teacup-shaped kiosk into a reality. Shaay Global began in a remote location, offering high-quality tea at reasonable prices. Their menu is designed to capture the essence of chai. Beyond being a business, they wish to foster a sense of community through the shared culture of chai that has developed over time. At the kiosk, Classic chai, Masala chai, and Cafe Mocha are some of the most popular drinks, along with other varieties of chai that are still in demand. What sets their chai apart is their unique blend and consistent taste, achieved through following proper SOP. 

Shaay is on its path to opening more outlets in Kerala, with its first kiosk already established in Thrissur. They are currently strategising to expand their global roots with their master franchise set up in Kuwait and more kiosks in Tamil Nadu. They are also working on creating something new and exciting, growing bigger and taking leaps into the chai culture.

The key to success in every startup lies in having a devoted team. They’ve got a great system that’s super efficient and doesn’t waste anything. They keep track of all their recipes so they can make sure everything is perfect every time. They also help with things like marketing, training staff, developing new products and ideas, and growing the business. Their main goal is to make sure everyone has the opportunity to earn a good living and enjoy high-quality products, no matter who they are. They’re like one big Shaay family, and they’re looking to spread their love and products all around the world!

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Shaay’s Restaurant has partnered with Jaafna Restaurant Consultancy for consulting services. Nine Three Quarters handles branding and marketing, while Lawbiz Advisory provides legal services. They have collaborated with Max Spices, who are assisting them in supplying the unique tea blends. Howme Interiors played a crucial role in making their kiosk dream a reality with their unwavering support. 

Much collaborative effort has gone into making Kerala’s first teacup-shaped kiosk. It is revolutionising how we consume tea and creating a community culture. Do check out Shaay Global and its exciting offerings.

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