Postcard17 and their Collaboration with Independent Filmmakers makes their Music more Meaningful

In a world where art intertwines, and diverse talents converge, a three-member indie band from Kerala named Postcard17 has emerged as a shining beacon of creative collaboration. Their unique approach to music production and storytelling is slowly captivating audiences. With a harmonious blend of soulful melodies and thought-provoking lyrics, Postcard17’s music is brought to life through mesmerizing music videos created in collaboration with independent filmmakers. Join us as we delve into the inspiring journey of Postcard17 and their extraordinary artistic partnership.

Postcard17: An Upcoming Talent

In 2019, Postcard17 was born. 

The singer/songwriter Ananthu started creating music in his bedroom, drawing inspiration from his life experiences. He crafted simple melodies and lyrics, which he shared with Ananthu O A, a budding rock music producer. Together, they dreamed of sharing their music with a wider audience and had a shared appreciation for bands like Switchfoot, Novo Amor, U2, Kodaline, and The 1975

Ananthu would write and record the vocals, passing them on to Ananthu O A, who added guitar parts and arranged the music, and enlisted Nithin Joseph for drum tracking. The resulting songs fall into the mid-tempo mellow alternative/indie genre, featuring minimal production, chiming guitars, unpolished vocals, and occasional flip falsettos. The overall effect is an intimate and personal atmosphere.

Postcard17’s melodies are like sonorous postcards, carrying profound emotions and captivating stories to their listeners’ hearts. But the band’s artistic endeavors extend beyond their musical craft. They believe music can transcend boundaries and connect with people more deeply. By collaborating with independent filmmakers, they breathe life into their songs through visually stunning music videos.

An Ode to the Independent Spirit

Postcard17 collaborates with independent filmmakers to create their indie-style videos and explores human relationships’ complexities. These projects brought together two groups of independent artists in mutual support. 

Indie bands and independent filmmakers both share a strong desire for independence. Postcard17 fearlessly explores their artistic boundaries, embracing their unique sound and authentically expressing their heartfelt lyrics. The independent filmmakers they work with also break free from traditional conventions, using their cinematic language to tell compelling visual stories. This partnership showcases the power of creative collaboration, as the band and filmmakers work together to celebrate artistic freedom and encourage others to embrace their individuality and create without fear. 

Postcard17’s unwavering dedication to their craft and their commitment to collaboration make them an inspiration for aspiring musicians and filmmakers alike. By actively seeking out independent filmmakers, Postcard17 not only supports the indie film community but inspires others to explore the limitless possibilities of collaboration. They demonstrate that true artistic fulfillment lies in breaking free from conventions, embracing diversity, and pushing the boundaries of creativity.

What’s next for Postcard17?

Since 2021, Postcard17 has released five singles: “Fly,” “Drop A Tear And Disappear,” “December,” “4AM,” and “Starting Now” and have partnered with filmmakers like Kiran Ottur, Ansari Nassar, Balaram J, Sachin Ravi and more. Novo Amor’s style heavily influenced their music videos, which involved vivid visuals and intricate storytelling. They plan to release five more songs by the end of this year and start gigging and touring to promote the same. They are looking forward to starting a storytelling collective alongside where independent filmmakers can pitch ideas to their upcoming singles.

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