This Malayali Created Sustainable Architecture Models for Kerala Using Artificial Intelligence

The field of Artificial Intelligence has advanced through years of research and development and has become a popular topic in 2023. As companies invest more in AI technology, we may soon see a world where robots and humans coexist peacefully. During this ongoing technology revolution, many people have been experimenting with different AI tools available online. One such person is Castro Varghese, who used his creativity to design sustainable architecture models for Kerala using artificial intelligence. You’ll be amazed by the stunning beauty of his minimalistic designs.

Castro Varghese holds a degree in Mechatronics Engineering. He brings with him extensive experience as a Project Manager in the design industry. Currently, he serves as a Creative Associate and also writes scripts for corporate explainer videos on occasion. He envisioned sustainable architecture models for Kerala that use locally available resources to create living spaces. His goal is to promote the development of such models so that people are able to envision a better future. He did this all with the help of Midjourney, a text prompt-based generative AI programme. 

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This Malayali Created Sustainable Architecture Models for Kerala Using AI

AI helps architects and engineers design buildings that are energy efficient, have access to clean water and sanitation, and waste reduction, and thus enhance social inclusion and equity. A symbiotic human-machine relationship inculpates AI into the creative designing process, solving complex problems and redefining the thought process of humans. 

It is high time we redesign our behavior and thinking; it’s not just about humans and robots but how we conceptualize innovative ideas. Sustainable architecture is a solution to the challenges faced during construction. With AI-powered software’s assistance, energy usage patterns and resource optimization can be predicted.

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This Malayali Created Sustainable Architecture Models for Kerala Using AI

AI has emerged from being a sci-fi concept to influencing major sectors, from healthcare to finance, and potentially revolutionizing the modern world. An alarming domain of the population is still worried about how robots invade the nation, reducing the scope of human intervention in all fields. A group of people once believed that the introduction of computers would have a similar impact to what AI currently has. However, AI does not completely match human intelligence and always requires human guidance to make decisions.

Automation has become a thing we cannot live with. AI is becoming an integral component of society in an economy where technology reshapes everything. We are now at a phase of looking into the limitless possibilities of what AI does and abiding by ways to adapt to the changing landscape.

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