Meet 11-year-old Malayali Leena Rafeeq, The Creator of Ogler EyeScan

Leena Rafeeq, an 11-year-old Malayali girl based in Dubai has developed an artificial intelligence-based application that uses a scanning process via an iPhone to detect various eye diseases and conditions.

The Ogler EyeScan app was developed by Leena Rafeeq when she was only ten years old. It took Leena Rafeeq six months to research and develop her app, which employs advanced computer vision and machine learning algorithms. According to her, the app can detect eye diseases and conditions by analyzing parameters such as light and colour intensity, distance, and look-up points, which help locate the eyes within the frame range. Currently, the app is awaiting approval in Apple’s app store.

Using trained models, the Ogler EyeScan app was showcased in a video where it successfully identified eye conditions such as Arcus, Melanoma, Pterygium, and Cataracts. Although the app boasts an accuracy rate of approximately 70%, Leena encountered challenges with glare and light bursts caused by the distance needed for scanning. To tackle this issue, she intends to incorporate metrics and detection for light-related problems, allowing users to redo the scan.

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Leena’s impressive achievement demonstrates her deep interest in coding and technology. Throughout the app’s development process, she, as a self-taught coder, acquired expertise in various areas such as eye conditions, computer vision, algorithms, and machine learning models, and advanced Apple iOS development concepts, such as sensor data, AR, CreateML, and CoreML. Currently, the app can only be used on iPhones 10 and above running iOS 16 or later.

At such a tender age, Leena has received praise from internet users for her accomplishment. Additionally, the app is a remarkable illustration of how AI can aid in promoting health equity. It is worth noting that Leena’s younger sister, Hana, also made headlines by creating a storytelling app and becoming the youngest iOS app developer at 9.

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