Independent Artist Hrishi Just Dropped His Latest Masterpiece ‘All I Want Is Bass’

In a world where music constantly evolves and blends genres, artists continually push boundaries and find innovative ways to captivate their audiences. Amidst this sonic revolution, a rising independent artist from Kerala, Hrishi has emerged, introducing a captivating fusion of naadan influences and international beats. With the release of his latest track, “All I Want Is Bass,” in collaboration with rapper/composer Anohnymouss, this artist is poised to take the independent music scene by storm, leaving listeners mesmerized by his distinct and enchanting sounds.

All You Need To Know About Hrishi

Hrishi is a remarkable artist whose journey from national football player to independent artist is an inspiring tale of creative exploration. In 2016, a slipped disc abruptly halted his promising football career, leading him to discover his second passion: music. 

During his school days, a friend introduced him to FL Studio, igniting his curiosity in beat-making. Determined to hone his skills, he joined an institute in 2017, immersing himself in music production and DJing. Since then, Hrishi has been on an unstoppable creative trajectory, crafting captivating tracks that blend the beats he grew up hearing in Kerala with international sounds. 

Hrishi, deeply rooted in his upbringing in Thrissur, infuses his music with the essence of his hometown’s vibrant tapestry. His compositions serve as a heartfelt homage to the sights, sounds, and rhythms that shaped his identity. Fearlessly embracing his cultural heritage, Hrishi seamlessly merges the roots of folk music with the pulsating energy of a hybrid trap, birthing a groundbreaking creation, he calls Nadan Trap or Nadan Dance Music.

During the 2020 lockdown, Hrishi seized the opportunity to create his debut track, marking the beginning of his musical journey. As time passed, he collaborated with fellow artists, weaving together the essence of naadan beats and international rhythms. He has treated listeners to three mesmerizing tracks, “Para,” “Pottan,” and “Neeyo Avano,” each showcasing his unique musical style and leaving audiences hungry for more. One of his notable collaborations includes the song “Arpo” with actor-turned-rapper Neeraj Madhav, which has become an anthem of celebration across Kerala.

Why You’ve Gotta Listen To ‘All I Want Is Bass’

Expanding his repertoire of techno sounds, Hrishi presents “All I Want is Bass,” a dynamic rendition co-created with the talented young rap artist Anohnymouss. This high-energy dance number blends the elements of bass and tech, infusing them with verses that reflect the exhilaration of a party coming to an end. 

Listen to All I Want Is Bass here:

Hrishi has swiftly become a household name, commanding attention across Kerala, Bangalore, Mumbai, and Dubai. His DJ performances ignite crowds of enthusiastic youth, inciting a frenzy with beats that move bodies and souls. Collaborating with esteemed rap artists like Dabzee, Vedan, and Baby Jean, he spreads the spirit of Hip-Hop from town to town and city to city, leaving an indelible mark wherever he goes. 

Looking ahead, Hrishi is poised to revolutionize the world of Hip-Hop, Trap, and Techno music in South India. His upcoming singles and albums promise to be game-changers, elevating the genre to new heights in conception and execution. With an unmatched passion for his craft, Hrishi sets a challenge that is hard to surpass by any other artist in the industry. The future holds limitless possibilities as Hrishi continues to reshape and redefine the music scene, cementing his status as a true innovator and trendsetter. 

With each composition, Hrishi aims to entertain and showcase independent music’s immense potential and growth as a viable career path. His story is a beacon of hope for aspiring musicians, encouraging them to embrace their unique talents and pave their paths in the vast landscape of independent music. As Hrishi continues to captivate audiences with his genre-defying creations, he remains committed to showcasing the power of artistic expression and the limitless possibilities within the realm of independent music.

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