Himayug: Kerala’s First Exclusive Vegan Popsicle Brand

In Kerala, when it’s hot and humid on all days except during the monsoons, having something to cool down the body really helps. You know that feeling when you gulp down ice-cold water and you feel it flowing down your throat? Yeah, that. A popsicle does exactly that, but you get the added benefit of a burst of fruity flavors. It’s pretty much, frozen fruit on a stick. If you want to survive the heat in Kerala, we’d suggest you have a popsicle. Not your usual one. But, Kerala’s first exclusive vegan popsicle brand, Himayug Gourmet Ice treats.

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Located in Panampally and Street Store, Edapally, Himayug Gourmet Ice treats makes juice and vegan-milk-based popsicles that are refreshing. This guilt-free, cold dessert has everything you need to cool your body from the inside out. You can either choose to have it as it is or you can add liquid and crunchy toppings. The best part about their popsicles is that there are no added colors, flavors, or preservatives.

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Right from Mango-Lady Passion Fruit, and Strawberry Coconut Milk to Watermelon, Pina Colada, and Pineapple popsicles, you get almost all fresh fruit flavours at Himayug Gourmet Ice treats. The price ranges between INR 60-80. You must also note the detailing in their packaging. It’s so cute, minimalist, and perfect for a nutritious and refreshing ice dessert.

They have started free home delivery within a 10 km radius of Edappally. You can order through WhatsApp and Instagram. Home delivery: 9526244433 (WhatsApp)

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