Indulge In Chocolate Desserts At Choco-O-Lick In Kochi

We hear you’re craving chocolate. You have two choices. You can either head to the nearest supermarket and grab a bar of chocolate or visit Choco-O-Lick In Kochi to try their chocolate desserts. We’d obviously choose the latter. This chocolate lounge in Kochi is known for its chocolate desserts and you will be overwhelmed by the varieties they serve. Everyday dessert snacking is now more decadent.

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Chocolate desserts at Choco-O-Lick In Kochi come in all shapes and sizes. What we can guarantee is the gooeyness it promises. So, if you are a chocolate lover, it’s wise to take advantage of their drool-worthy chocolate offering. This is a place where chocolate is king.

What should you order? Well, the list may be long, but we’ll suggest a few. The Choco-o-Kunafa, Choco-o-Lotus Pancake, Choco-o-Crepe, Choco-o-Lava, and Choco-o-Lotus are to die for. You may have tried these desserts elsewhere, but there’s nothing like having them in Choco-O-Lick. It’s mostly due to the delicious chocolate sauce that is glazed on all the dishes. Mind you, they don’t comprise quality or quantity. One of the interesting things on their menu is their Choco-o-Kebab, Choco-o-pasta, and Choco-o-Sushi. Don’t worry, these are just desserts shaped in the form of these iconic dishes.

The chocolate is so rich and creamy that you’d be dreaming about it even when you hit the bed. Choco-O-Lick In Kochi is truly a chocolate paradise.

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