Feeling Thirsty? There’s Nothing Better Than The Milk Sarbath From Bhaskarettante Kada In Kozhikode

It’s hot. Damn hot. We’re either sitting beside a table fan or under the AC because the heat is real. And it ain’t going anywhere for the next couple of months. While drinking cold water is amazing in this weather, the milk sarbath from Bhaskarettante Kada feels different. We tried this for the first time and it was the best cold beverage we have had in a while.

Located right next to the iconic Paragon restaurant in Kozhikode, this small store is more than 60 years old. The store doesn’t really have a name. Locals call it either Bhaskarettante Kada or Paal Sarbathukkada (Milk Sarbath shop). This sarbath shop was started by Bhaskaran and Kumaran. Now, the next generation has taken over the shop and continued the sarbath legacy. 

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We tried their Milk Sarbath, which surprisingly cost only INR 20 per cup. They use homemade nannari, ice, and milk. It’s so refreshing to drink especially on a hot day. Ideally, people who’ve dined at the Paragon restaurant come here to have the perfect dessert ending. 

Apart from Milk Sarbath (INR 20), they also have Soda Sarbath (INR 16), Lime Soda (INR 10), Masala Soda (INR 12), and Normal Soda (INR 6). Yes, it is that cheap.

Location: Kannur Rd, near CH Over bridge, Kozhikode, Kerala 673001

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