Have You Been To Kerala’s First Mocktail Bar?

Malayalis tend to equate the word “beverages” with alcoholic drinks only. The Beverages Company, an Ernakulam-based drinks venture, wanted to change this notion so they introduced Kerala’s first mocktail bar called Fusion Soda. Located in Vazhakkala in Ernakulam, Fusion Soda has a wide range of mocktails and soda-based drinks on its menu. Akhil Varghese, Jibin Raj, and Sarath Kartha, the co-founders of Fusion Soda, had one aim in mind – Give Malayalis the opportunity to experience the taste of plush mocktails at an affordable price.

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The story of The Beverages Company

“We started our venture as a multi-branded cloud kitchen in June 2019. The Beverages Company was one of the brands in it. During that time in Kerala, the options for beverages were very limited. Juices and shakes were the only beverages mostly available then. So we decided to introduce new drinks in Kochi through our venture,” shares Akhil Varghese, the co-founder of The Beverages Company and Fusion Soda.

He further added, “We developed our menu after conducting testing sessions and customer reviews. Our cloud kitchen was active from June to December in the year 2019. We put our stall in a flea market in Kaloor called All Things Bright. It received great responses from people, which led us to start a shop exclusively for mocktails. We started Fusion Soda in January with the concept of mocktail bar.”

The founders of The Beverages Company and Fusion Soda

About Fusion Soda

Fusion Soda is the sub-brand of The Beverages Company and is Kerala’s first mocktail bar. They work on a three-pillar model which gives preference to taste, presentation, and the way of preparation. As the working concept of Fusion Soda is a bar, all the staff are trained by certified bartenders to develop their skills in the making process.

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“Mocktail bars are common in some of the other states and foreign countries. But it is not familiar in Kerala. So our major concept was to bring the bar concept for mocktails in Kerala. Our tagline is ‘luxury made affordable’, through which we aim at providing quality drinks at a reasonable price, and the luxury experience of drinks through its presentation. Our drinks serve in stein glasses and wine glasses are exciting to common people,” added Akhil. 

Wide Varieties

Another speciality of Fusion Soda is its changing menu. Every three months, they conduct tests through cross combinations of flavours and fruits. This results in new varieties of drinks on their menu. Their concept is to make all their drinks special. 90 per cent of their drinks are varieties that are not available in other places. 

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Currently, Fusion Soda has around 75 types of drinks. There are flavour-based, fruit juice-based, and milk-based drinks. The price range of their drinks is ₹50 to ₹120. If you are someone who loves to experience varieties in drinks, Fusion Soda by The Beverages Company is a must-visit spot for you to explore. You can also place your orders through Zomato and Swiggy for their tasty and refreshing drinks. Check out @fusionsoda and @thebeveragesco for more.

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