Hate Cooking But Love Eating? You Will Relate This

Love to eat, but hate cooking? This article is for you!

There are two kinds of people in this world. The first kind would watch a recipe video and go “Damn, I’d love to make that sometime!”, and the other kind would watch it and be like, “Damn, I’d like to eat that sometime!

While the lockdown and stay-at-home orders have mildly swept some people of the latter category into the former by shoving them into their kitchens, there’s no denying that they are still struggling to discover the actual “joy of cooking”. It’s a common myth that people who enjoy sinking their teeth into food, also savour the process of preparing it and sinking their hands into kneading dough. But that’s not necessarily the case. If you’re nodding your head in agreement, we dedicate this post to you! This week we’ve rounded up eight things you will relate to if you love to eat but hate cooking.

One-pot Dishes Are Bae if You Hate Cooking

Every single day, please! Not only is it super easy to prepare, but it does also spare you from the much-dreaded chore of messy dish-washing that tails the cooking. I don’t know if you have, but I’ve always wondered why Malayalis have never fallen for the whole one-pot meal affair as much as their neighbours have. True, nothing can beat the joy of relishing choru, sambar, thoran and meen curry, but is there something breezier and less complicated than tossing all your ingredients into one pot and whipping up a thakkali saadam?

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A Cookbook? Aiye, please trade this for a buffet voucher, won’t you?

If someone gifts you a cookbook, you’d look at them as though they’ve offered you raw meat. Alongside a mental dialogue that you hope they’d hear, ”Why did you even think I’d prefer a book that gives me five ways of cooking meat, over a buffet voucher that’d let me taste at least five varieties of meat?” When it comes to cookbooks, they have always demotivated you. The glossy and enticingly aesthetic-looking food photographs that chefs meticulously craft are in stark contrast to the awfully disastrous mess of a dish you just created.

No ulli and thakkali? Let’s order in coz we Hate Cooking

In the event of you deciding to take the plunge and embark on a kitchen endeavour, you walk up to a fridge that’s mostly empty except for a packet of bread and some pineapple jam, that’s your saviour on most days. You pull a face and say, “Ithu konda njan onnum undakathe”, and take up your phone to tap Zomato (the numero uno app on your phone!) Secretly you are smiling, because this has been added to your never-ending list of reasons to back out from cooking.

Things You Will Relate To If You Love Eating But Hate Cooking
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Enthina breakfast or lunch? Brunch varatte!

You’ve always associated cooking as a challenging and time-consuming activity, something that requires immense effort to come to fruition. For this very reason, you never experiment with anything for breakfast, because you simply know that by the time your dish is ready we’ve all bypassed the time of the day the meal was originally meant for. And you make sure you fill yourself enough for brunch, so you can conveniently skip lunch and zoom by straight to dinner with a gassy and bloated belly.

“Easy egg dishes to cook”

We did not sneak into your Youtube search history, but we are pretty sure this is one of the most searched items. Not only are egg items easy-peasy to whip up, but they are also incredibly delicious and nutritious. And probably one of the few dishes, other than Maggi, that makes you feel like an accomplished Michelin star chef once you’ve served it on a plate. Rush, where’s the phone? *click click click*

That guilty feeling when you look at the curry powder paatakal

Yes, that once-in-a-blue-moon feeling, cuz that’s just how rarely you open your kitchen drawers. For an outsider, your turmeric and garam masala powder tins give the indication that you proactively refill them up to the brim and never let them run out. “Always well-stocked”, they beam at you. But only you know the harsh truth that it’s been months since you’ve even touched them and hence, the levels don’t dip.

Things You Will Relate To If You Love Eating But Hate Cooking

“How do you prepare this dish?”

Well, you can come up with a three-page answer on how heavenly a dish tastes and the most recommended eateries that serve it. But, if a fellow diner throws this question at you, it’d probably take you an eternity to explain it to them cuz you’ve just mechanically followed all the steps demonstrated in the recipe video. You’ve no idea whether you add onions first or garlic, but you sheepishly smile and respond to them saying, “Umm…I’ll WhatsApp you the recipe link ;)”

Potluck? No way! (If You Hate Cooking)

Hate cooking? You are most likely to dissuade yourself from going to a potluck party than summoning enough courage to cook for an entire lot of people. The only prospective potluck you eagerly look forward to is the Onasadya one where you’d generously pitch in to bring the pappadams and banana chips. And yeah, the sharkara varatti too!

Things You Will Relate To If You Love Eating But Hate Cooking

So if you love eating, and hate cooking, do let us know which one of these you have resonated with!


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