33 Dishes In 1 Hour? This 10-Year-Old Malayali Shows Us How!

If there’s one habit that most of us picked up thanks to the pandemic, it would definitely be cooking. For some, cooking comes naturally. For others like me, well, cooking is a tiresome job. But when this 10-year-old girl from Ernakulam, Kerala bagged a record for cooking 33 dishes in 1 hour, I was shocked. How is this even possible, right?

Saanvi M Prajit, daughter of a Wing Commander of the Indian Air Force, has now become the talk of the town for her extraordinary cooking skills by bagging the record for maximum number of dishes prepared by a child. She now holds a place in the Asia Book of Records, in addition to the India Book of Records.


Do you want to know what all she prepared in an hour? Chicken roast, mushroom tikka, paneer tikka, bullseye, fried rice, corn fritters, idli, waffle, uttapam, appam, and many more. In an interview with PIT, Saanvi’s mother shared, “The Asia Book of Records authorities watched online the cookery event organized at her Visakhapatnam residence. Besides, two gazetted officers were witness to the cooking of 33 dishes in 1 hour by Saanvi.” Saanvi’s father shared that his family is a bunch of hardcore foodies, and said it isn’t surpising that Saanvi has this exemplary skill because she has grown up around food.

Her mother was the one who contacted the Asia Book of Records, and submitted the application. On the call, they said, “There is a category for children in cooking and the minimum number of dishes is 18. Anything beyond that would be considered a record.” So Saanvi, with zero experience of working with a stove, practiced daily. It didn’t feel like a task for her. Rather, she loved the whole process of learning to cook, and trying her hand at new recipes. And she was able to make so many people feel proud and amazed at the same time.

BTW, if you want to see Saanvi cook or learn how to cook yourself, head over to her YouTube channel.

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