Faithful Dog’s Unbreakable Bond at a Mortuary in Kannur

In a heart-warming story, a loyal four-legged buddy stands watch outside Kannur District Hospital’s mortuary doors, keeping a never-ending watch for its departed master. The loving pet stayed for an excruciating four months, persistent in believing that its beloved person would emerge from behind the sterile walls, unaware of fate’s merciless hand.

Vikas Kumar, a caring soul working within the hospital’s walls, shares this story of the canine buddy’s devotion and love. “Four months ago, a patient arrived at our door accompanied by a faithful canine companion. Tragic events occurred, and the person who suffered slipped from life to the vast unknown. The dog watched the lifeless form of its beloved companion being carried into the mortuary in a heartbreaking scene. However, in the lens of this loving companion, the line between life and death remains hazy. The faithful dog believes that its owner is not gone; rather, it’s waiting, holding his firm conviction, refusing to leave the gates.”

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The relationship between humans and their canine companions spans ages, an unbreakable bond sewn into the surface of time itself. In a world defined by changing tides and strained relationships, the loyalty of this four-legged buddy shines as a light, reminding us of the strength of the bond between man and his pet!

The plot resembles the famous story of Hachiko, a faithful Akita dog in Tokyo who waited for the return of his beloved professor for over a decade at Shibuya Station. This unnoticed dog in Kannur, like Hachiko, is like a living honour to loyalty, an expression of the unshakable devotion that only a dog’s soul can provide.

As the seasons change and life goes on, the pet’s unflinching love stands as homage to the eternal power of love showing a deep tie that is beyond human comprehension, showing that in the eyes of a loyal dog, the bond with its master has no boundaries.

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