7 Ways To Deal When Your Ex Finds A New Partner

Breakups happen. Sometimes, things don’t work out. Your relationship falls apart, you have different priorities or it isn’t compatible anymore. The thing is, your ex need not be an ‘enemy’ in your life. Rather, you can always be friends with them. But, we know it does hurt a little bit when your ex finds a new partner and ‘moves on’ before you do. And that’s okay. If it is getting too hard for you to deal with that fact, here’s what you can do (or not do):

Don’t Compare

It’s hard not to, but you must try. Every new person in your ex’s life isn’t a mirror image of you. The person they date need not necessarily be smarter or better-looking than you. Your ex must have found something charming in them, but that does not mean that they didn’t find that in you. They can date different personalities because every person’s appeal is unique. You will start to feel insecure when you compare yourself with their new partner. And, that’s just going to affect your mental health.

It’s OKAY To Be Jealous

Jealousy is a normal reaction when your ex finds a new partner. Does that mean you want to get back with them? The answer is ‘NO’. This feeling of jealously will pass and you will want to move on.

7 Ways To Deal When Your Ex Finds A New Partner

You Had Something Special

Don’t trivialise the relationship you shared with your ex. It was special while it lasted and the good memories will always make you feel great. Just because they have moved on, it doesn’t mean that your past relationship didn’t have any value at all.

They Did It First

Finding a partner before your ex does isn’t an achievement. It is not a competition. Maybe, they found someone whom they could relate to and thus, were able to move on. Maybe, it was meant to be. Whatever the reason, you shouldn’t force yourself into a relationship just because you want to do it before your ex moves on. Their future choices aren’t dependent on you. Their new partner is not your replacement. Remember that.

Remember Why You Broke Up

Sulking over a broken relationship will not help in any way. There was a reason why you broke up. Think bout what made both of you come to that conclusion. With every passing relationship, you learn a lot about yourself. So, introspect further and focus on your well-being by understanding what went wrong.

Remember why you broke up

Stop Stalking Online

By now, you should know that whatever you see online isn’t real. The moment you stalk your ex online, you are basically picturising their life with their new partner and feeling bad about it. Instead, make use of time by finding joy in other things. Focus on you and your happiness.

Be Happy For Them (Or, Try To At least)

Being happy for your ex because they found someone is the most genuine thing you can do. After all, both of you deserve to be happy, with or without a new partner.

Now you know what to do when your ex finds a partner. If you would like to add more to the list, comment now.

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