Iconic Hugs From Malayalam Movies

There’s nothing quite like the warm, fuzzy feeling of a hug. It’s a special moment that we all wished lasted a little bit longer. We’re listing down some of the most iconic hugs from Malayalam movies that had our hearts melt.

Ayaalum Nyanum Thammil

We understand Sainu and Ravi’s breakup was essential for character development, but couldn’t they have stayed like this for longer?


The movie talks about the importance of touch. And shows it to us every single time Rameshan holds his family close and Lekha holds her husband closer when his memory fails him.

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Sudani from Nigeria

Sudu and Majeed’s friendship >>>


This entire movie wouldn’t have happened if everyone just hugged it all out. Shekharan held himself back from killing Neelakandan because a baby Janaki hugged him. Karthikeyan held himself back from killing Shekharan because Warrier ammavan hugged him. They’re all just a bunch of man-babies who wanted a hug.

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Arun and Maya’s hug was the closure they both needed. It was an apology to the grieving (both of them who lost something precious in their life).

We also loved Darshana and Arun’s hug at the station. It was an emotional goodbye and we all felt it.


At a time when touch was contagious, this hug scene from Virus gave us all hope.

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Bhavana’s parting hugs caused all the chaos, and for that, we would be forever grateful.


It was a reminder we all needed – to go hug our loved ones today. Like right now, GO.


It was a hug that embraced the last left legacy of Kalpana chechi, both on and off-screen.


The kind of hug that held Luca back from death itself.

2 Harihar Nagar

Not all hugs end well. Especially if you’ve got an Appukuttan in your gang.

These are some of the most iconic hugs from Malayalam movies that we loved. Do you have a favourite? Comment now.

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