Times When Rafeeq Ahamed Made Us Go “WOW” With His Spellbound Lyrics

A song becomes magical when euphonious music meets felicitous lyrics. Rafeeq Ahamed has met this expectation.

Rafeeq Ahamed is a Malayali poet, lyricist and novelist. He has won the Kerala Sahitya Akademi Award for Poetry and is a five-time winner of the Kerala State Film Award for Best Lyrics. The magic of his lyrics has made us enchanted with the song’s beauty. Its capacity to hold a wealth of emotions in the limited breadth of lines is amazing.

I would like to recall some of the best lyrics by none other than Rafeeq Ahamed that deserve our special attention.  

Etho Sayana Swapnangalil (10.30am Local Call)

Though this song might be vaguely familiar to some of you, it is long forgotten. 

The lines:

“Paathi paadum gaanam pole

Dhoore dhoore marayaruthe nee

Thaane veezhum venal poovaay

Thaazhe thaazhe ithaladiyaruthe nee”

(Don’t vanish at a distance like a half-sung song

Don’t wither downwards like the summer flower falling by itself)

It is one of the songs I would like to call a “song that deserved a better movie”.

Amodhamai (Elsamma Enna Ankutty)

Though the movie name feels weird and the scenes in this song show some men desperately ogling and teasing women, the song is good. It was only demeaned by the “fun scenes” the director intended. It should be called a rap song for the pace of lines and style of singing. 

Thekkini Kolaya (Sufi Paranja Kadha)

The artistic beauty of the song is the classical vibe it offers. K.S. Chithra’s perfect singing has made it even more tuneful.

Karmukilil Pidanjunarum (Bachelor Party)

“thoomanjum theeyaavunnu

nilaavil nee varillenkil

ororo maathrayum oro yugam 

nee povukil”

(Even the snow turns into fire when you refuse to come to me in this moonlight.

Every second grows into a million years, if you go away.)

This romantic song from the Amal Neerad movie is a favourite Malayalis. Click on the below link to relive this song again.

Kannodu Kannoram (Veeraputhran)

This is a song from a historical drama starring Naren. It primarily focuses on the life of a freedom fighter and Congress leader – Mohammed Abdul Rahiman. So, it is guaranteed that this song will take you back to the colonial romantic world where you didn’t exist.

Aayilyam Kaavum Malayum (Thondimuthalum Dhriksaakshiyum)

This is a highly underrated and beautifully lyricised folk song. Sithara Krishnakumar’s singing is beautiful and its whole production is an extravaganza. 

Paalthira Paadum (Captain)

Such a romantic song from a movie on the life of a once Indian Football Team captain, Paalthira Paadum was a fresh breath of air.

The lines:

“Dhoorangalill Kaatupoll Paari

Snehathinaal Manjuneerayi Nee”

(In the distance you flew like the wind)

Gives the vibes, right?

Hridayathin Niramayi (100 Days of Love)

The whole mood of this song – the lyrics, theme, background score – everything reminds you of an old period. We feel that our body is trapped in the 21st century, and wandering curiously to the times of the past when the windows open to a vintage backdrop. Here, the main character montage of our inner child thrives in the achromic abundance. (It’s enough right?)

Plunge into these rich songs and do let us know if you have any more to be remembered.

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