World Bicycle Day 2021: Why Do We Celebrate?

You’re going to come across many articles talking about the benefits of cycling today. Why you may ask? Well, it’s World Bicycle Day as designated by the United Nations. We wanted to know why the UN has asked people from all around the world to celebrate a bicycle. Here’s why!

The one thing many fitness enthusiasts will talk about constantly is movement. The more you move your body, the more it improves your health. This point is valid now more than ever because we are all working from home. These days, we wake up in the morning and sit in front of our laptops for hours. Just like how we all forget to drink eight glasses of water every day, we tend to forget to constantly move our body. That’s where bicycles come to play.

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UN & World Bicycle Day

The UN has recognised the importance of bicycles. Not only is it an affordable, eco-friendly mode of transportation, it has also proven to drastically improve a person’s life expectancy rate. In addition to that, this mobility solution has helped unprivileged communities access health care, improve physical education, and access educational facilities. All of these factors contribute to sustaining the UN’s Sustainable Developmental Goals.

COVID-19 has prompted people to re-think their mode of transportation in a way that’s safe for them and the people around them. Cycling has, therefore, proven to be the go-to transportation mode that promotes good health, improves air quality and road safety. A lot of Malayalis have grown up using bicycles to play and to attend schools. But, once we start to adult, we tend to forget the impact bicycles had created in our life once upon a time. Consider this a reminder of those happy days, and of course, to be more conscious of our actions on the environment.

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A mode of transport that is cost-effective, inclusive, clean, and sustainable is worth celebrating. That’s is why June 3rd is celebrated as World Bicycle Day, alongside World Environment Day.

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