The KSRTC Battle Between Kerala And Karnataka: Who Won?

The winner of the KSRTC battle is……

Who would have thought that Kerala and Karnataka would go on a legal battle over intellectual property rights of the usage of KSRTC?

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KSRTC, or we know of as the Kerala Road Transport Corporation, has been the symbol of the Kerala-run transportation services for years. But, the Karnataka State Transport Corporation refused to give way to this usage. The KSRTC battle between Karnataka and Kerala has been going on for about seven years now. And now, we have the final verdict.

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So, who won the KSRTC battle, you may ask? Nammude Keralam thanne!

The Controller General of Patents Design and Trade Marks under the Ministry of Commerce and Industry accepted Kerala’s claim over Karnataka’s. All the trademarks associated with Kerala RTC will now come under Kerala, including the emblem, the abbreviation KSRTC, logo and the name Aanavandi.

Kerala Transport Minister, Antony Raju, shared, “The history of KSRTC is intertwined with the lives of people of the state. It is not just a transport service but has left the legacy of public transport in our cultural life including films and literature. It is not something that can be erased so easily. It is a pleasure to know that the Trade Mark Registry recognised the state’s claim. It is a victory for KSRTC and I congratulate all officials involved in the effort.”

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The long-drawn battle has now finally come to an end. In 2014, Karnataka had filed a notice, asking Kerala to not use the name KSRTC. Kerala then filed an appeal with the trademarks registry to fight for its usage rights. The former KSRTC Managing Director, Antony Chacko’s efforts have finally come to fruition.

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