‘Thookki Vilpana’: A Store in Kochi that Sells Clothes by Weight

When we go grocery shopping, we usually think about the cost of tomatoes or onions per kilogram. However, have you ever thought about the price of cloth per kilogram? It may seem confusing, but the store ‘Thookki Vilapana’ near Kadavanthra in Kochi has a unique method of selling cloth by weight. It’s pretty impressive, don’t you think?

Thookki Vilapana has a distinct method of selling clothing that sets it apart. Rather than using fixed price tags, they sell clothes by weight. This gives you the freedom to mix and match different pieces without worrying about individual prices. It’s an innovative and exciting way to shop for clothes, enabling you to discover various combinations within your desired budget.

500 gms to 1Kg clothes on sale

Shopping at Thookki Vilpana offers a multitude of benefits. Firstly, you have the freedom to mix and match different pieces without worrying about individual price tags. You can experiment with various combinations of clothes, all within your preferred budget. Additionally, the weight-based pricing system encourages shoppers to be conscious of the fabric’s quality, prompting them to appreciate the intrinsic value of their clothing choices.

We can gather the clothes we want and weigh them on the scale to determine the price appropriately. The clothing falls more into the categories of home and casual wear outfits that are of the highest quality. With newly imported gowns, Thooki Vilpana offers us a wide variety of options for house wear too.

The price of 1 kilogram of clothing ranges from 500 to 700 rupees. We are free to choose as many outfits as we want. The weight of the cloth varies depending on the material. If we opt for thinner material clothing, we may be able to get more clothes for 500 rupees.

It’s important to note that the store doesn’t offer highly fashionable outfits. Instead, they focus on comfortable t-shirts, skirts, shorts, and other items that can be easily paired according to personal preference.

Affordable and easygoing 

The store has gained popularity among the lower-middle-class population, as it offers an affordable option to purchase clothes in bulk. It attracts a large number of customers, particularly during the evenings. Although Thookki Vilapana mainly focuses on women’s clothes, they also offer a selection of men’s clothing options.

For most non-brand lovers, affordability plays an important role in their purchasing behavior. 

From a small shop to a well-known store in Kochi

Thookki Vilpana’s journey began years ago in a modest shop. However, through word-of-mouth and customer satisfaction, it has now transformed into a bustling shopping hub for the locals of Kochi. The power of word-of-mouth has played a significant role in creating brand awareness and attracting customers to the store.

Despite the physical store’s limited space, people flock to Thookki Vilpana to purchase their favorite comfortable clothes. Kadavanthra, located in downtown Kochi, is a prominent commercial center in the city. Choosing this strategic location has proven to be beneficial for the business, as it attracts a constant flow of people.

Thookki Vilpana has become a favorite among shoppers in Kochi. Their concept of selling clothes by weight has made trendy and normal clothing accessible to a wide range of customers. The store’s prime location in Kadavanthra makes it a convenient destination for both locals and visitors seeking budget-friendly fashion. Prepare to be pleasantly surprised by the variety, affordability, and quality that Thookki Vilpana has to offer.

So, Kochi people, head to Kadavanthra and shop for your most comfy clothes from Thookki Vilapana. 

Happy Shopping!

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