This Beach Villa In Kerala Is Being Sold For Over $1 Million

One million dollars! Think we’re kidding? We wish. This beach villa in Mararikulam, Kerala, is one of the most luxurious bungalows in the world. It is up for sale right now. What’s unique about this nalukettu tharavadu is that its history dates back to 1829.

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History of The Beach Villa

Swathi Thirunal Rama Varma Maharaja of Travancore had put an order for the construction of a nalukettu tharavadu at Kollengode in present-day Tamil Nadu. However, it was deconstructed from Kanyakumari, and each piece of the villa was transported to Mararikulam where the property is right now. It took five years to rebuild the villa in its entirety, and the construction finally came to fruition in 2013. The structure spread across 2,500-square-feet that opens to Marari Beach.

Architectural Marvel

Now, it’s a three-bedroom holiday home with two centuries worth of history embedded in its style of architecture. One of the most striking visual elements of the home is its architecture. This beach villa is not only culturally aesthetic but also visually grandeur against the backdrop of greenness. You can immediately notice its connection with history and nature. The place comes with a beach deck, garden and swimming pool.

Beach Villa In Kerala
Gallery media item
Beach Villa In Kerala
Photography by India Sotheby’s International Realty.

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This nalukettu-style home is an amalgamation of traditional and modern elements. The CEO of Luxury real estate firm India Sotheby’s International Realty Amit Goyal shared, “The use of local wood, mud and brick makes the structure durable and sustainable, with a design that allows natural light and ventilation to seep through each corner of the house at every hour of the day.”

Beach Villa In Kerala
Gallery media itemPhotography by India Sotheby’s International Realty.

The nalukettu tharavadu is a rare sight these days. It’s a style that symbolises Kerala’s tharavadu tradition. This beach villa in Mararikulam is the perfect example of it. If you’re looking for a much-needed escapade, you know where to go.

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