Women-Only Travel Groups That Can Make Your Travel Dreams Come True

Here’s the thing, sometimes we women want to be among our own kind, devoid of any kind of male energy. There I’ve said it! When it comes down to exploring new places, some women would like to do it on their own. But, solo-travelling for women has always been risky for reasons we already know of. Sadly, that’s the reality we live in, where being a woman means being cautious of all things around. We believe that every woman out there should have the right to feel safe even when they travel. So does women-only travel groups.

Women-only travel groups curate travel itineraries for women looking for an adventure.  You see, women too can have fun. These travel groups help women achieve their travel goals while allowing them to meet fellow female travellers along the way. It’s for women who want to experience a country or place in the company of strangers of the same gender.

We’re going to list down a bunch of these women-only groups that can help you tick off everything from your travel bucket list.


Having organised travel across 50 countries, Byond has given women the opportunity to be free from the shackles of life. The trips are curated according to your needs so you don’t have to worry about any mishaps along the way. Through their journeys, Byond has created a tight-knit community of women travellers who have created a special bond through art, culture, and passion.

The Wander Girls

The Wander Girls have gone on to make a name for themselves for creating interesting travel experiences for women travellers. Based on your need, they provide tour packages and planning services for both solo women travellers and international women’s group travellers. From under-the-radar spots to the cliched famous spots, they consider it all. Don’t worry, you’re in good hands. 

F5 Escapes

These people have literally changed the perception of travel for many women. F5 Escapes started with the sole aim to educate women about breaking away from their comfort zone by travelling across continents and meeting new people. For solo travellers, they hand-craft the itineraries according to your expectations. They also have tie-ups with homestays, hotels, and other stays so you get to choose where you want to head to. The best part about F5 Escapes is that you make connections with strangers throughout your journey, be it solo or in groups.

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Diva Odysseys

If you’re the kind of woman who loves to merge luxury with travel, Diva Odysseys is the way to go. They offer much more than travel services; Diva Odysseys promises bespoke international luxury and specially designed tours for like-minded women looking to experience premium travel like never before. Did you know that each trip will be escorted by Diva Odysseys’ founder Neena Jhanjee or one of their diplomats? If you’ve got an appetite for luxury travel, you know who to call now.

Women Travel

Women Travel does not curate tours or travel packages for you. Instead, they bring all the available tours and tour companies for women travellers in one place. You get to choose the one that suits you by comparing trips and tours made available by a bunch of enthusiastic women-only travel companies. Engage in life-changing experiences only with Women Travel.

Women On Wanderlust – WOW Club

Sumitra Senapaty, the founder of WOW Club realised that travelling doesn’t come easy for women when she solo-travelled across New Zealand, South Africa, Europe, and Asia. Thus, WOW club was born with the aim of providing safe yet thrilling, customised travel experiences for women. They’ll make sure that you have the time of your life experiencing new cultures and making great friends. 

So ladies, when are you planning your next women-only trip? Going on such trips would mean bursting your comfort bubble and being open to getting shocked, surprised, and happy.

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