Here’s Why you must Visit this 70-year-old Tea Shop in Alappuzha

In an era dominated by modern cafes and fast-food joints, Raja Tea Shop stands as a living testament to the beauty of preserving tradition. It is a celebration of the simple joys of life, food, great company, and a view that transports you to another time. This 70-year-old tea shop in Alappuzha has some stories to tell.

In the heart of Alappuzha, near Kannitta Jetty, Pallathuruthy, nestled on the banks of the serene Vembanad Lake, lies Raja Tea Shop. For seven decades, this quaint tea shop has been a haven for tea enthusiasts and lovers of traditional Kerala cuisine. This 70-year-old tea shop is known for serving amazing beef curry and top-notch tea with snacks. Its rich history and unique blend of flavours make it a cherished establishment, embodying the soul of an old tea shop in the region. 

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As you step inside, the aroma of the curry wafts through the air, creating a sensory overture that prepares you for the feast ahead. The worn wooden furniture, the faded photographs adorning the walls and the creaky floorboards – all tell a story of decades gone by. 

The shop’s strategic location in front of the Vembanad lake enhances the overall experience. Visitors can enjoy the streaming of tea while relishing the breathtaking view of the lake.

The true star of Raja Tea Shop is authentic Kerala culinary delights, with the spotlight on the classic Malayali Combo of Porotta and beef. Tourists and locals alike flock to this spot for this iconic dish. This is also a meeting point for locals who gather to share over a cup of tea, creating a sense of community that transcends time. 

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So next, when you visit Alappuzha, explore this aesthetic vintage tea shop instead of visiting to the artificial aesthetics of modern cafes. 

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