The Floating Tea Shop in Alappuzha run by ‘Chaya Chechi’

Have you ever come across a floating tea shop? Well, at Kumarakom’s Coconut Lagoon in Alappuzha, you can enjoy the serene backwater view while sipping on some delicious tea flavours from a tiny canoe by ‘Chaya Chechi’.

Nestled in the serene cove of Kumarakom, Coconut Lagoon offers breathtaking views of Vembanad Lake. This lake, stretching from Kochi to Alappuzha and Kottayam, is the longest and largest in India. Visitors can enjoy the unique experience of purchasing tea from “Chaya Chechi,” a friendly woman who rows her tiny canoe to operate her tea shop.

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On the bow of the canoe, a vintage teapot and cups are carefully arranged alongside some delectable treats, such as Sukiyan and banana fritters, evoking a feeling of nostalgia. You can experience the taste of home in every sip of her authentic Kerala tea, made with pure love and joy. Don’t miss out on trying it while at Coconut Lagoon. Apart from serving tea, the gracious host also shares her life experiences with a beaming smile.

She only operates her floating tea shop during the evenings, and has been doing so for the past 11 years. Following the loss of her tea business elsewhere, she began this venture. There are people who eagerly await her tea and stories, which are as diverse as the tea leaves themselves. Each tale is recounted with a twinkle in her eyes and a comforting voice.

People visit here not just for the tea’s warmth but also for the heartwarming connection they share with Chaya Chechi. This is one of the prettiest places you will visit in Kerala.

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