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Creative Gifts You Can Give Your Malayali Partner 

We hear you are looking for creative gifts for your Malayali partner. The best thing to do is to give them that one meal, drink or a brand that reminds them of their home and roots. Some of our gifting ideas in this list reinforce some existing stereotypes, nevertheless, we assure you that your Malayali partner will cherish this gift. The gifts are applicable to any occasion including birthdays, anniversaries as well as making up after a fight. 

PS: These gifts have been tried and tested on Malayalis

Be……ef treat

Creative Gifts You Can Give Your Malayali Partner 

Yes, we said it and you got it.

Eating authentic beef fry in many other parts of India is near impossible. If your partner talks about their home, porotta and beef often, take it as a sign and gift them the meal of their life. They will relish every bite. While this may be a taboo for those belonging to different states, it is something that is ingrained in the minds of many Keralites. It’s something you have to live by.

Grab a drink

Kerala has an infamous reputation for alcoholism. While there is nothing like authentic kallu and karimeen from a toddy shop, Old Monk, BP, and even Magic Moments hit close to home. Share a drink with your partner and listen to them go on about their drunk memories, ending it with a special performance of Malayalam karaoke.

MMM (Malayalam Movie Marathon)

In the Northern states of the country, being able to catch Malayalam movies in theatres is a dream. So if your partner’s Malayali roots begin to twitch, sit them down with a bowl of roasted peanuts and watch old sappy 2000s movies. Malayalis do not acknowledge dubs, so if you want to be a part of the experience, switch on the subtitles. The constant commentary from your Malayali partner throughout the movie is an added compliment.

Introduce them to another Malayali 

‘NAATIL EVIDYA?’ is the first thing a Malayali asks when they meet a fellow Malayali. While meetings between Malayali are not uncommon, the joy of meeting one and jabbering away is a whole different vibe. The ability to speak in one’s own language in the typical accent is a gift they’d own with pride. So begin the search amongst your friend group for the grand meet. 

Oru Kerala special Onam

Onam is undoubtedly a major festival for the Malayali. But there is nothing like celebrating Onam back home with friends and family with the traditions and customs. Most of which, we fall behind on when we aren’t back home. So next Onam, save up some money and gift them a ticket to travel back home and gift them a chance to reconnect with their roots. As a bonus, you could travel with them as well.


Something that we take for granted in Kerala becomes a rarity when we move away. Mullapoov or jasmine flowers are extremely common in front of temples or literally in every nook and corner of Kerala. But in other states, it becomes difficult to find. So gift them a metre or two of jasmine flowers. Or better, you could adorn your hair with them and watch your partner swoon over it. 


Yes, you heard it right. We mean coconut. Whole coconut, grated coconut, coconut water or even a bottle of coconut oil will make your partner really happy. From food to hair care, skin care and even medicinal purposes, coconut or its derivatives do wonders and a Malayali knows it. There’s nothing like a chutney or cherupayuru made with freshly grated thenga. Or using the husk and cheretta for DIY art. So gift them a thenga and watch them get creative with it.

Koruchu Malayalam

Malayalam is tagged as one of the most difficult languages to learn due to the presence of certain sounds that cannot be pronounced easily like ‘zh’. It is a proud moment when a non-Malayali learns Malayalam. So get on YouTube and learn some rudimentary sentences and surprise them. You could also incorporate Malayalam songs into your playlist and groove to them. And do not take it personally, in case they correct you and explain the facts, it’s because of the intense love they have for you…and their language. 

So quit waiting and start gifting.

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