Father’s Day Gifts For Your Malayali Dad

Father’s day is right around the corner. Do you know what that calls for? Celebration! And, what better way to do so than by getting him gifts on father’s day. We agree that telling your father ‘I Love You’ is awkward AF, and not a Malayali thing per se. But, a gesture will go a long way in showing your appreciation to him.

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Here’s a list of Father’s Day gifts that your Malayali dad would love.


Does your father take constant trips to the kitchen? Does he open the fridge more than six times a day? Every time you see him, do you see him munching on something? That, my friend, is an always-hungry dad. This assorted hamper of different cookies will satiate your father’s constant cravings. He will forever be grateful to you!

Here’s what the cookie hamper contains:  Peanut Butter Nutty Chips + 2 Lemon Chilli Nutty Chips + 2 Choco Almond Nutty Chips + 1 Peanut Butter Story Box + 1 Choco Almond Story Box + 1 White Choco Cashew Story Box + 1 Assorted Story Box + 6 Tiffin Packs (2 Peanut butter, 2 White Chocolate Cashew + 2 Choco Almond)

Buy this here at INR 825

Father's Day Gifts

Now, if you’re the kind who prevents your father from hogging on unhealthy snacks, The Green Snack Co. basket is the perfect gift. All the snacks in this hamper are roasted, cholesterol-free, gluten-free, and contains no artificial flavours or preservatives. Yet, it is super delicious!

Buy this for INR 813.


This type of father has the habit of losing or misplacing his masks. He forgets where he keeps it in the first place. This gets him into deep, deep trouble (LOL). Get him the Airflow N95 Face Mask so that he doesn’t run out of stock. It will be a secret between the two of you!

Get a pack of 10 for INR 449

Father's Day Gifts


If there’s anything this type of father is great at, it is creating an impression by looking good and smart. Get him a shaving kit, and you’ll see a big smile on his face. The Bombay Shaving Kit comes with a pre-shave scrub, shaving cream, post-shave balm, charcoal soap, towel & travel kit.

Buy this for INR 559

And for those who sport a beard, the Advanced Beard Maintenance Kit would be perfect! It comes with a face and beard wash, beard growth oil, beard softener, comb and scissors.

Buy this for INR 899

Father's Day Gifts

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This is our editor’s pick! If your father was a youngster during the Vietnam war and has strong opinions about the US involvement in Vietnam, then you might want to get him this book. It is written by a journalist who was on the ground throughout the duration of the war and wrote extensively about it after. Vietnam can be considered Sir Max Hastings’ seminal work; it offers a balanced perspective of the war, written decades after the experience (decades that he seems to have used for careful deliberation and research).

The Kindle edition costs: INR 423.70

The paperback edition costs: INR 702


This is real. We all might not know the likes and dislikes of our fathers. And, that’s A-okay. So, instead of breaking your head over what you can get him for Father’s Day, get him an Amazon gift card. Let him buy whatever he wants!

You can choose the amount too. Buy it here!

Father's Day Gifts


Stress and fathers go hand-in-hand (not generalising, but you get the point). So, get your father something to calm his nerves down. What, you ask? This 3D Massager Roller with 360 rotation would do the trick.

Get this for INR 375!

You can thank us later! Get buying!

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