8 Exciting Reasons To Date A Malayali

Here’s the first thought we had when we heard about Arike. You know, the dating app for Malayalis everyone is talking about. “Why would someone want to restrict their dating horizon to Malayalis only?”, we wondered. But then, we realised that it was never about restricting. Rather, it is a gateway to explore the world of opportunities that a fellow Malayali can offer. So, what are the few reasons you should date a Malayali to unlock these opportunities? 

We’re glad you asked! Here goes… 

Lingua Malayalam 

As a Malayali, if there’s a #1 reason to date a fellow Malayali, then it is this. Imagine introducing your non-Malayali date to your family/friends. Soon you will all ease into Malayalam, and your date will feel lost among the “zha”s and “ayoo”s. They try to make sense of why the lot of you are crying with laughter. And speaking of laughter… 

Jokes & Pop Culture References 

Many of our jokes stem from pop culture references. We all use iconic dialogues in daily conversations, and having a Malayali date is a huge plus. Don’t believe us? Think back to all the times when you saw awesome content on this page. Didn’t you wish you could send it to your non-Malayali friends? What about those subtle jokes? They never could understand it because the subtitles ruined the humour. Yeah, that. 

Intellectual AF 

Never underestimate the intellect of a Malayali. We have an unending capacity for knowledge, even in fields outside our work. Be it politics or the importance of muringakka kol in biriyani, we have strong opinions. And, we are not afraid to express it. So, don’t you want the perfect intellectual sparring buddy?! 

Cultural Sync 

Cultural sync is quite an important part of a relationship. Imagine growing up and having the same cultural cauldron. You have similar experiences, similar expectations from each other, and similar values. This makes it easier to get along and maintain a healthy relationship. 

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Okay, we’re halfway through this article. If you’re wondering where you can find the perfect Malayali partner, Arike is what you need. They have some fun Malayali-centric features like their ice-breakers. These ice-breakers will help you find the right partner with the right vibe.

The Foodie Life 

We’re not going to bring up the obvious beef stereotype. That’s a little too cliche even for a post about stereotypes. But the Malayali love for food is real. If not cooking, at least eating good food is a must. Most Malayalis live by “ullil ninnu enne kadikkatha enthineyum nyan thinnum!” 

Perfect Drinking Buddy 

Non-drinkers, you’re not included. 

If there’s anything that trumps our love for food, it is our love for alcohol. It is usually an all or nothing affair with bottoms up till you hit your ‘pambu’ avataram. When you’re drinking in the company of a Malayali, you know you’re living life like a king. 

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Never Give Up 

You’ll find successful Malayalis everywhere on the planet. We’re hardworking and are willing to adapt to anything that life throws at us. So having a partner who also lives by “improve, adapt, overcome” is quite an advantage in the game called life. 

Your Parents Will Be Happy 

After days/weeks/months/years/decades of dating a fellow Malayali, you decide you want to get married. You’ll have to break the news to your parents, right?! Imagine how happy your parents will be when they hear that this person is “at least a Malayali”! 

Well, that was a fun post filled with stereotypes. But deep down, you know you think the same. So what are you waiting for? Download Arike and start connecting!

Govindan Khttp://www.pinklungi.com
I believe in challenging the status quo; I believe in thinking differently. I think differently because I try to absorb knowledge from anyone - regardless of the industry they’re working in.


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