Add These Songs To Your Playlist For A ‘Pwoli Vibes’ Weekend

Tired after a week of slogging at work? Worry not, we’ve got you covered. We just collated an interesting cross-genre mix of new Malayalam indie songs that will instantly lift your mood. And promise a Pwoli Vibes weekend. By the way, these songs are part of a larger playlist on the SocialMob app, by the name of “Pwoli Feels”. SocialMob, for those unaware, is a global network that’s doing a great job at giving indie artists a platform to shine. The app is, in fact, dedicated to independent music and lets you discover a bunch of extraordinary talents in the indie space. 


Artists: Pina Colada Blues feat Nikita Uday and Farish Reheman

Genre: Pop

Listen for: Pina Colada Blues’ trademark dream-pop touch

3 Varam

Artists: Anonhymouss feat Rohan Daniel

Genre: Hip-Hop

Listen for: Anonhymouss’ effortless switching between Malayalam and English verses


Artists: Arounds Band

Genre: Folk, Rock

Listen for: A raw folksy vibe that we hardly get to witness in songs these days

Kaalame – Journey of Life

Artists: Vishnu Das

Genre: Pop

Listen for: The East-meets-West music by Vishnu Das


Artists: Tmronow feat AB VJN

Genre: House

Listen for: The supremely funky beats that make you groove instantly


Artists: Hrishi feat Aromal Chekavar and Dabzee

Genre: Rock

Listen for: The Theyyam-inspired song structure which is elevated by some fantastic arrangements (courtesy Hrishi)

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Etho Naalil

Artists: Rajat Prakash

Genre: Pop

Listen for: The soothing vocals and the overall feel-good vibe

Edavazhiyile Pranayam 

Artists: Crissaint feat Max

Genre: Hip-hop

Listen for: Light-hearted lyrics that will resonate with ‘soup boys’

Chenannte Paatu

Artists: Sijo Antony

Genre: Rock

Listen for: The deft storytelling that happens as the song progresses

Ilayum Poovum

Artists: Aromal Chekaver feat Anex Kurian

Genre: Pop

Listen For: The feel-good transition of the beats that will take you to another world.

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If any or all of these songs struck a chord with you, you should definitely check out the full playlist curated at the Social Mob app. Rest assured you’ll have a ‘pwoli vibes’ weekend!

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