Music For Every Malayali Mood (Thank Us Later)

‘And when the world stops, music begins!’ Every emotion, every season, every festival, every person can be expressed through music. Music articulates our deepest sentiments through waves of melodies gushing against the shores of our inexplicable thoughts.

Malayalam songs are a rare kind of high, be it Johnson masters soul-stirring melodies or Shahabaz Aman’s musical storytelling. We surely have a plethora of songs that perfectly fit every mood. So how about we make you the perfect playlist for every Malayali mood, except there is no Malayalam song. We don’t do normal in this house, do we? 

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Music for every Malayali mood, here we come…

Kalyana Kacheri Paadamedi – The Perfect Wedding Song Doesn’t Exi

Sadi Galli from Tanu Weds Manu (Hindi) 

Catchy beats and an addicting tune, a Punjabi dream for every Malayali dream. Lehember Hussainpuri’s Sadi Gali is the perfect wedding song to groove to at your next shaadi.

Music For Every Malayali Mood

Vaathil Mellle Thurranoru Nalil Ariyaathe – The Perfect Romantic Date BGM

“Remember when you taught me fate? 

Strawberries and Cigarettes by Troye Sivan (English) 

Said it’d all be worth the wait” 

Soothing, aesthetic and utterly pleasing, ‘strawberries and cigarettes’ by Troye Sivan fits into every romantic rendezvous with ease. The song makes you want to hold hands with your lover and go on that long drive into your world of a whirlwind romance.

Uyirin Nadhiye – For Your Much-awaited Road Trip That Your Parents Aren’t Giving Permission To 

“I’ll take with me 

The polaroids and the memories” 

-I t ain’t me by Kygo with Selena Gomez ( English) 

Close your eyes and listen to this song at full volume, you’ll automatically feel like you are levitating into your dreams. ‘It ain’t me’ is the perfect song to drive to on a highway giving you all the feels.

Music For Every Malayali Mood

Minni Minni Kannuchimmi- First Love, All The Feels, All The Innocence!

“If you need a lover 

Let me know and let me in 

I could treat you better 

Steal your roses every day” 

Rose by D.O ( Korean) 

Looking for a song to confess your feelings? Well D.O has got you covered with this cutesy little song that will make your heart flutter. Totally enchanting and adorable, both the Korean and English versions are sure to make you blush.

Mazhaye Thoomazhaye – A Song To Dance In The Rain, To Get Sick And To Question The Use Of An Umbrella! 

Thuli Thuli Mazhayayi 

From Paiyya By Haricharan and Tanvi Shah 

How can we forget the OG Paiya songs when it comes to dancing in the rain? The visuals of the song are as pleasing as it is to the ears. Definitely the monsoon anthem of every romantic dream. Pani and Kanji here we come!

Music For Every Malayali Mood

Paranne Cheru Chirakukal Adichuyare – To Dance Your Hearts Out For Your Perfect Home Concert

“Sidestep right left to my beat 

Get it, let it, Roll !” 

Butter by BTS ft Megan Thee Stallion 

This remix version of BTS’ superhit English single Butter will not let you stay in your seats. The energy in the song is so contagious that it is sure to make your hips sway. How can we possibly miss out on a BTS song while having a home concert, right Army?

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Music For Every Malayali Mood

Azhalinde Aazhangalil Aval Maanjupoyi – For The Niraasha Kaamukan/Kaamuki

“Tears stream down your face 

When you lose something, you cannot replace” 


We can’t possibly end this list without listing a song to remind you of your heartbreak, can we? Fix you by Coldplay is a reverie that will surely take you through an ocean of emotions. It’s surely going to hit you right in the heart, and even make you miss your non-existent love story. (Also recommended, Coldplay Cover by BTS on MTV unplugged)

Music For Every Malayali Mood

Did you like the different kinds of music for your every Malayali mood? Do add on to the list in the comments below.

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