Rahul J Prakash, The Creator Making Us Drool And Groove With Every ‘Gram Drop

The first impression. The first bite. The first burst of flavour. The three firsts of making food, look and taste delectable is an art in itself. Food connoisseurs would say that a well-designed plate of food makes it taste better. After all, we eat with our eyes wide and tastebuds, wider. It is this fascination with creating a visual culinary experience that influenced Rahul J Prakash to take it up as a passion. Combine that with his love for making food, listening to music, and creating videos, and you get art.

Rahul J Prakash, The Creator Making Us Drool And Groove With Every ‘Gram Drop

As someone who is figuring his life out, just like most of us, Rahul is the kind of person who finds joy in interacting with everything around him. He seeks inspiration from it to create something that is close to his heart. Believe it or not, he had no interest in cooking up until a year and a half ago.

“I picked this up due to certain personal issues that made me want to stay away from all the chaos and stress in this world. I wanted to take a conscious effort and better myself. I was so blessed by everyone around me and people like you that I now can do this full-time.”

Brought up in Cochin, Rahul has grown up with cultural influences from Palakkad and Thrissur, where his parents are from. He soon left for Singapore to pursue a Bachelor’s degree after trying to do Engineering for a year, which he claims to be “an utter failure”. But things turned around for the better and he moved to Canada to do his post-graduation in Hospitality & Tourism and another one in International Business Management.

Rahul Prakash chanced upon cooking as a means to express himself. More than that, it was a pathway to understanding himself better. The extrovert in him brought out his creative self. The introvert in him, however, is still learning to feel confident. Now, on social media, he may seem like a person who enjoys interacting with his newfound following, which he does, but he professes to feel insecure about talking to strangers. 

“I love what I do. I will do it even privately. But, I’m not the best at talking. I’m still learning to improve my speaking and writing skills.”

When it comes to cooking, he loves the process of plating. Even though he is yet to discover his creative process, he knows for a fact that he has this deep, undying obsession with putting colours and patterns together. 

“Knowing I could eat what I made seemed like the best thing to do. No drama, just food, and plating action while listening to my favourite songs. Very satisfying.”

Another aspect that brings together his love for cooking and plating is music. You’ll find all the songs he suggests on his feed in his playlist. “Music is bliss. It helps me connect with people. Connect with myself. Every song has a different mood. Every voice has a different touch. I forget about everything else when I’m listening to music. Even when I’m just lazing around and if I’m not making a video, I listen to new music to find new tunes. It all depends on my mood.” 

He even suggested a couple you can listen to now:

  • Groove Theory – Tell Me
  • Abusey Junction – Kokoroko
  • Man i is – Logic 

For his videos, he picks a song or two before making the dish and usually listens to the same genre of music while filming. That’s the reason why his grooves don’t seem out of place. It works out easier during the edit too. That’s some social media advice for the books.

Rahul’s journey has only begun, building his social persona and culinary skills while, hopefully, planning a future to build a futuristic dining experience. Another fact you just learned about him. Turning simple ideas into novelties has changed the life of this budding creator. We end this feature with a quote from the man himself.

I’m still the same person I was when I had less than 300 followers. I don’t feel any different when I wake up. I do, however, feel super blessed that I get to read messages and comments from beautiful souls. Only that has changed.”

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