Reshma AKA YourFutureCoolAunt Gets Candid About Her Content Creation Journey

From lip-syncing on Musically to creating own-voice content on TikTok and Instagram, Reshma, digitally known as, Your Future Cool Aunt, is on a content creator journey with an aim to make us all ROTFL. Her ‘gram trajectory is on the rise with her ‘Amma-Daughter’ performances that have ‘relatable’ written all over them. That’s Reshma for you – she is the one to make typical Malayali household conversations relevant, the one with the witty replies, and the one to make black and white hair the new red.

“I loved Shaziya and Mariam‘s content. They were creating original scripts that were excepted from their own life. Since I was accustomed to being in front of the camera, I had the confidence to pull off something similar to their content, especially content that comes under the ‘Mom’ category. There was a time when none of my videos was working well. So when I posted one of my own creations of a Mom’s script, I received a lot of praise…more like, notifications. Ping after ping, my phone kept buzzing.”

It was a moment of enlightenment for Reshma, for she understood what her audience really liked. “So, people like this..ende jeevitham thanne content ayitt use cheyaam. It was working well on TikTok. Only a few months later did I start to post on Instagram. One of the best pieces of advice I received from Shaziya and Thomzi was to post consistently on Instagram. They said, and I quote, just post and one day it will click. And it did.”

For a creator, there’s nothing more joyous than receiving love from people for the work they put in. Creating a story and adding the right humour element without losing your own voice is mind-breaking work. What goes behind the scenes is tons of shots, re-shots, editing, and subtitling – stuff creators around the world would understand. Likewise, for Reshma, the process is similar and she finds joy in it.

“My Notes app is filled with instances that happen around me. If my mother says something, and it will most probably be something that triggers me, I try to make it funny and jot it down immediately. When I sit on it again with a fresh mind, I add my own touch of humour and make it even better.”

Not many people are aware of this, but Reshma has a 9-5. In between the hustle, she finds time to create content. Even though she admits that she needs to push out more videos, she happens to be satisfied with one per week for now. Motivation being a prime factor, she says, “When I feel like I can face the camera today, I shoot. It usually goes like this. The moment inspiration strikes, I get done with work. I reach home, change into my Amma get up, and do my act.”

Reshma is one of those lucky individuals who has not had any negative experiences on the internet. After all, people can be really unforgiving on the internet. Sure, she’s had a fair share back in the day, but when she speaks about her content creation journey, she states that the love she has received is immense. Right from sweet DMs to encouraging comments, she has had a clean following, filled with motivators, laughing rioters, and kind souls. *Touch wood*

“I know what it feels like to find a creator who has helped me during my dark times. Now that the table has turned, and I have become that creator for many, I understand the sentiment. All my positive DMs reflect it. I can’t even imagine that my content would bring a smile to someone’s face so all the messages I’ve received have been wholesome, to say the least.”

I love the breath of fresh air Reshma brings to the table. Her slice-of-life moments got the Malayali in me cracking. As a growing creator in the space, Reshma has promised to bring us spontaneous belly laughs. That said, she has also accepted that evolving is a part of every content creator’s adventure so we can definitely expect to see a new side to her soon.

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Aishwarya Gopinath
A foodie at heart, an aspiring novelist, and an enthusiastic writer by nature, I love to dig deep into culture and lifestyle of the place and people around me. I hope to make people cry, laugh, smile, angry, and satisfied with my writing.

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