5 Sex Educators from India you Must Follow on Instagram

Did you know that there are people who dedicate themselves to educating others about sex and sexuality? It’s true! Thanks to social media, they are able to use their knowledge to challenge taboos and provide accurate insights about relationships, gender, and sexuality. One trend that has emerged on platforms like Instagram is the popularity of sex educators who have amassed large followers. It’s important to recognize that discussions about sex are still considered taboo in some places and that education is crucial in correcting this misconception.

Sex-ed? Is it really important?

Having knowledge about our bodies, sexual health, and relationships is crucial for making informed decisions about our sexual lives. Sex education plays an important role in providing this knowledge, which empowers individuals to take charge of their sexual well-being. This includes understanding aspects such as sexual activity and contraception. Nowadays, with the increasing complexity and significance of sexual health and relationships, the importance of sex education is more highlighted than ever.

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Social media and sex education

Social media is now a platform where people can share their thoughts and connect with a wider audience. Lately, more people are discussing sensitive topics like sexuality, resulting in sex educators gaining popularity on Instagram. Online sexual education is now widely accepted and embraced by society.

Here are some noteworthy sex educators to follow!

Seema Anand (@seemaanandstorytelling)

In addition to being a mythologist and storyteller, Kama Sutra expert Seema Anand is also a cultural educator. She offers unique insights into the cultural and historical contexts of sexuality in India through her social media presence. Seema’s unique approach to sex education adds depth and perspective to discussions about sex and relationships. She draws on legendary tales and centuries-old customs, enriching the conversation and creating a more comprehensive understanding of human intimacy beyond just its biological aspects.

‌Leeza Mangaldaz (@leezamangaldas)

Leeza Mangaldas uses a distinct and captivating strategy to spread sexual awareness that is appealing to a wide audience, including kids. She primarily focuses on the anatomy of the human body and how it relates to sexuality. She does it by using several scenarios to convey this knowledge. Her audience is given a thorough comprehension of the gender binary because of the way she continually discusses it.

In India, there persist numerous misconceptions and preconceived notions surrounding sex toys, primarily due to societal norms. Leeza Mangaldas, however, is committed to dispelling these myths and educating people about the use of sex toys. She emphasizes that whether one chooses to use them or not is a matter of personal choice and is entirely acceptable.

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Dr Tanaya (@dr_cuterus)

If you’re looking for a social media account that offers an engaging and humorous approach to sex education, look no further than Dr. Tanaya. As a millennial doctor and author, her content is essential for anyone seeking a quick and easy understanding of a variety of topics. Her communication is refreshingly straightforward and easily understandable, even when tackling serious themes. Thanks to her background in medicine, Dr. Tanaya is a reliable source of credible and accurate information. Following her account is highly recommended.

Swathi Jagdish (@mayas_amma)

A committed psychologist and sex educator, Swathi Jagdesh makes a significant effort to educate people about sexuality and related topics. In addition to her job, she is the proud mother of a beautiful girl and frequently appears in combo videos with her. These videos thoughtfully discuss sexuality, demonstrating her commitment to encouraging candid conversations in families.

Swathi is not just a sex educator but also a source of valuable insights on effective parenting. Her guidance on raising children in today’s world is both insightful and practical.

Her impact extends beyond online content. Swathi actively conducts a variety of workshops and seminars covering diverse topics of interest. Her influence resonates with both mothers and children, making her a sought-after figure for those eager to learn and engage in discussions about these crucial subjects.

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Karishma Swarup (@talkyounevergot)

Karishma is a vibrant and youthful individual who has a strong passion for sharing her knowledge with others. Despite her young age, she has established herself as a prominent influencer in the field of sexual education. Her content spans a diverse range of topics, including femininity, gender equality, sexual health, and various aspects of human sexuality. It’s truly remarkable that at such a young age, Karishma has accumulated a substantial amount of knowledge.

So, check your Instagram and make sure to follow these incredible sex educators. Thank me later!

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