RDX – A Movie Guide on Things that Trigger Malayalis

RDX – the Onam winner, is now streaming on Netflix and, like PL’s Govindan says, “vann kathi nilkaan”. Despite being unable to drag my lazy ass to the theatres, I have been rooting for RDX for two reasons. The first one is the obvious and special collaboration that gave rise to “Ith Kolaalo’s” first episode. And the second reason was the interesting trio that was cast.

Now that I’ve watched the movie, it’s content time. There are no spoilers as such; it’s an adi-idi padam. But 9/10 karate masters recommend that you watch the movie before you proceed with any such articles.

One thing RDX aptly showed, according to me, is the reasons that led to the fights. It was quite the representation of things that can trigger a Malayali. From not getting that extra plate of beef to having an annoying husband who refuses to stay at home, here are a few things that RDX arinyo ariyaando conveyed about Malayalis. 

Being denied beef

RDX – A Movie Guide on Things that Trigger Malayalis

The first fight that introduced us to the villains of the movie is the beef fight. Rameshan turns salty when he isn’t given more than two plates of beef during an anadaanam. And understandably so. Any Malayali would turn into your worst enemy when there’s not enough beef served to them. 

Run out 

Every time I’ve watched the gentleman’s game, I’ve only wondered one thing – ee thenga’ne aano gentlemanly enn parayunne? Because somehow, every other move in that game is a trigger.

Which is why, when the Royals team got an almost-run-out, I knew the batsman’s next move would be a dick move. Except, instead of the dick, they aimed the bat onto the wicket-keeper’s head. Typical gentleman’s reaction over an almost-run-out in cricket. Over and out. 

Chooral adi

RDX – A Movie Guide on Things that Trigger Malayalis

The scenario is that Robert accompanies his love interest, Mini, to teach a lesson to a perverted college teacher. This pervert professor’s favorite pastime happens to be lifting the skirts of girl students and hitting them with a chooral (stick).

Since perverts have become an every-other-day incidence, what baffled me instead was the existence of chooral even in colleges. At what point of age do teachers stop hurling dusters, chalks, sticks, and other weapons of mass destruction? Robert finished off a fit of collective anger, on behalf of Malayalis, against teachers who walk with a chooral.  

Breaking the glasses/chedi chatti 

In the scene where the goons were contributing collateral damage to Dony and Robert’s home, I was just as upset as the family was. But for a different reason.

The family was upset that they were being attacked and assaulted. For me, watching the goons break all the glass and chedi chatti at their home felt like torture. I was also half expecting the injured mother to get up and applaud by saying, “Ah glass pottichallo, midukkan. Ini aduthath entha pottikyan povunne?” 

Dence kalikyu, armaadikyu

RDX – A Movie Guide on Things that Trigger Malayalis

Since the beginning of the movie, no one except for the RDX gang got a chance to complete their dance moves. Be it at the poora paramb, the next poora paramb, and athinde next poora paramb. Just what is RDX‘s issue with dancers?

Dancing like an offender let loose is like every other Malayali’s rights on the festival grounds. You take the dance away from them, and they are plain offenders left loose on the ground. 

Nagulan said it, Mini did it

Nagulan had asked Ganga not to leave the house, quite a wise decision in Manichitrathazhu

But Mini showed how it’s done instead. You say it once, twice, and the third time won’t be as charming. Instead of saying it any further, she transformed into Mini-Lee and tied him up to a chair. Her husband also seemed to have gotten the hint once she stopped talking and started acting. Can’t leave if you can’t move – simple logic.

Jokes aside, RDX was a movie that was an absolute feast to watch. There aren’t many action movies that I’ve liked and could sit through in one go. But this movie definitely did the trick. It was neatly executed with beautifully choreographed fight scenes by Anbariv and the perfectly casted trio of Shane, Pepe, and Neeraj.

So, if you haven’t watched the movie yet, remember that 9/10 Karate masters are already disappointed in your movie choices.

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