If You’re Craving Authentic Kerala Breakfast, Here’s What You Should Have

Are you a breakfast lover? If so, you should definitely try the breakfast options in Kerala – they are amazing! The breakfast dishes will awaken your senses and leave you wanting more. Every dish is thoughtfully prepared, and you’ll discover a world of culinary delights that will revolutionize your morning experience. Trust me; you won’t regret trying Kerala’s breakfast options!

Puttu and Kadala Curry

If You're Craving Authentic Kerala Breakfast, Here's What You Should Have

 One must bring up Puttu and Kadala Curry when discussing breakfast in Kerala. Traditionally, Kadala curry, a savoury black chickpea curry simmering in a masala-based gravy, is served with Puttu, a cylindrical steamed rice cake. A great balance of tastes is produced by mixing the hot curry with the soft, fluffy puttu with that sprinkle of grated coconut bites in between.

Appam and Stew

Appam, a lacy, fermented rice pancake with a crisp outside and soft interior, is frequently enjoyed alongside a delicious vegetable stew. The stew’s delicately balanced blend of spices and tastes pairs perfectly with the light and fluffy appam. It is cooked with a fragrant coconut milk base and a mix of veggies.

Idiyappam with Egg Roast

If You're Craving Authentic Kerala Breakfast, Here's What You Should Have

Idiyappam, often referred to as nool puttu, is a food of steaming rice noodles that is created from rice flour that has been delicately pressed. This dish pleases vegetarian and non-vegetarian palates when served with a savory egg roast consisting of boiled eggs cooked in a spicy onion-tomato sauce.

Pathiri with Chicken Roast

Pathiri, a thin rice pancake, is frequently eaten with chicken roast, a flavorful dish with a strong masala and spice foundation. A lovely breakfast is created by the pathiri’s delicate texture and the fragrant tastes of the curry.

Palappam with Sweet Coconut Milk

If You're Craving Authentic Kerala Breakfast, Here's What You Should Have

A sweet coconut milk topping is frequently enjoyed with palappam, a soft, fluffy rice pancake with crunchy edges. The moderately sweetened coconut milk creates a symphony of textures and aromas, which brings a cooling aspect to the palappam.

Kerala’s breakfast options genuinely exemplify creativity and culinary skill. While dosas and idlis have grown in popularity nationwide, the breakfast in Kerala goes beyond these well-known mainstays, offering a diverse range of inventive and savory alternatives. So, the next time you visit Kerala, be ready for a breakfast experience that will surprise and thrill your taste buds with its diversity, novelty, and variety.

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