Crafters In Kerala You Should Check Out

Who doesn’t like being loved? Presenting gifts on your loved one’s special days is a great way to express your love and care. It’s not about what you give, it’s the thought behind the gift that makes it special. Handmade gifts are one of the most special gifts that you can present to someone. Here is a list of some of the most talented crafters in Kerala whom you can approach for beautiful customised gifts that can make your loved ones feel special.

Sinsha Ibrahim

Based in Edappal, Sinsha Ibrahim is one of those crafters in Kerala who does customised works according to the budget of her customers. Engagement hampers, birthday gifts, anniversary gifts, and photo frames are some of her signature works. The price range of her works starts from ₹50. For more details, you can check out her works and place orders on @crazyart___.

Niha Hanees

Niha Hanes is a craft enthusiast from Malappuram who makes different forms of paper crafts like scrapbooking, layout creations, journaling, and also makes handmade gifts for special occasions. As she loves to play with colours, you can see the extremities of colours reflected in her works; from bright and vibrant to rustic old tone aesthetics. Niha loves to experiment with new things rather than doing the typical stuff that you see on social media. The price of her works varies upon the gift and occasion. The starting price is ₹450. You can ping her on @the_card_factory to place orders. 

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Sabira B A

Thiruvananthapuram-based Sabira makes a wide variety of budget-friendly handmade gifts with a price range starting from ₹50. Handmade gifts like paper crafts and customisation work on phone cases, wallets, t-shirts, and mugs are her forte. Check out @theartcaisse for more details and to place orders.

Suhaila Rafeek

Crafters In Kerala

Based in Kasargod, Suhaila Rafeek makes customised products at reasonable prices. She usually works on gift hampers, photo albums, and gift cards. The price range of her craft works starts from ₹500. Orders can be placed through Instagram. Check out @thedoodlecrafts to check out her work and place orders.

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Naurin P Nizar

Naurin likes to be a rainbow in someone’s clouds and so, loves to be a part of other people’s happiness through her artwork. Kottayam-based Naurin P Nizar says that her motive is to spread her art to people in the form of budget-friendly handmade gifts. Naurin creates a wide range of handmade gifts, and scrapbooks, explosion boxes, hampers, dream catchers, and home decor. The price range of her works starts from ₹100. For orders and queries, you can check out her art page – @sana.arts.and.crafts

Rida Abdulkader

Crafters In Kerala

Rida Abdulkader is a Thrissur-based crafter who has been interested in craftwork since her childhood. She started her art page around two years ago and has been selling a variety of craftwork through her page. Rida can do numerous types of handmade works such as paper craftwork, gift baskets, and clay miniature models. She takes customised orders according to the client’s budget. The price range of her products starts from ₹300. For orders or queries, you can reach out to Rida through Instagram and Facebook

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Shahida Samad

Crafters In Kerala

Be it gifts, photo frames, or paper crafts, you can find the most beautiful handcrafted works on Shahida’s art page. The young crafter Shahida Samad is from Kottayam and believes that customised handmade products have a special value, unlike machine-made products. With her primary aim being customer satisfaction, Shahida tries to deliver her products all over India at an affordable price. The price range of her craftworks starts from ₹300. If you wish to place orders from Shahida, DM on her art page – @artforcraft_.

Ifadha Kadi & Jafla Kadi

Crafters In Kerala

Ifadha Kadi & Jafla Kadi are siblings who have been crafting since their childhood. These sibling crafters are based in Kozhikode, Kerala. They have been running their art page since 2019. They do all kinds of paper crafts such as scrapbooks, explosion boxes, hampers, handmade journals, party decors, and props. Like every artist, they have their own way of crafting stuff that makes their work unique. The price range of products starts from ₹50. Check out their page @sisters_in_town for more details and for placing orders. 

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Ashma Najeem

Crafters In Kerala

Ashma is a Kayamkulam-based crafter who does all types of craftwork in her own way. She loves to do customised works as per the demand of her clients. The price range of her products starts from ₹100. You can reach out to her at @cake.ify

Swathy M

Swathy M is based in Ernakulam and focuses on adding something creative in each of her works to make sure that it reflects her talent and love for art. Swathy’s main areas of artwork are scrapbooks, explosion boxes, pop-up cards, bottle works, and frames. The price range of her works starts from ₹199. You can place orders through @craft_o_gifts_.

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That was our list of crafters in Kerala. Do check out their pages and DM them when you’re on the lookout for a gift for someone you love.

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