Check Out These Henna Artists From Thrissur

Mehendi/ henna plays a significant role in Indian weddings and festivals. Believe it or not, finding the right Mehendi or henna artist for the wedding season is as time-consuming as shopping for outfits, jewellery, etc. Here are some of the best henna artists in Thrissur who will make your wedding (or any occasion) colourful with their best henna designs.

Jahana Sherin

Based in Cherpu, Jahana Sherin is one of those henna artists in Thrissur who can do wonders through her amazing henna art. Jahana has 11 years of experience. The use of organic henna and designs that are absolutely perfect and neat are some of the specialities of her work. Indian, Arabic, and Khaleeji designs are the commonly used designs by Jahana in her works. Reach out to @jannah_mehandi_artistic for more details.

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Nasna C A

Nasna C A
Credits – @niyaz_henna

Nasna is a Thrissur-based henna artist with over six years of experience in the field of henna artwork. The excellence in design and quality of the henna used by her is amazing. It will leave you in awe. If you wish to contact her, you can DM her on Instagram at @niyaz_henna.

Sahana Sadiq

Sahana Sadiq is a Kodungallur based henna artist. She has been fond of henna art since her childhood. Sahana’s only aim with her work is to adorn the hands of her brides on their big day with perfection. For more queries, check out @me_handist_by_sahna

Sehla Abdul Salam

Based out of Chavakkad, the henna artist Sehla Abdul Salam is a unique henna artist. Sehla started pursuing henna art professionally just one year ago. Most of the designs are her own, and she also loves to do customized designs as per the wishes of her clients. Check out @lal_hab_mehndhi_artistic for more details.

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Shahina Sakkeer

Henna Artists In Thrissur
Credits – @shah_henna_

Shahina Sakkeer is a talented henna artist based in Thalikulam. Her main area of expertise is Indian henna designs. Her versatile artworks are unique for the detailing in the designs and the quality of homemade henna used. For more details, check out @shah_henna_

Aleena Ashik

Aleena Ashik
Credits – @mehndiby_aleena

Thrissur-based Aleena Ashik is a gifted henna artist. She has experience of five years in this field. You can get the best designs at the cheapest price range if you hire her. Mind you, she will leave you speechless. For more pictures and information, check out @mehndiby_aleena.


Henna Artists In Thrissur

Credits – @ishelmehandi

Kunnamkulam based Suhaila has been practising henna art for the past eight years. She is definitely one of the best henna artists in Thrissur you’ll ever find. She uses organic henna and experiments with a variety of Indian and Arabic designs. Her use of clean designs is incredible. You can reach out to her at @ishelmehandi

Shinsiya Muhammed

With over 11 years of experience, Chentrappinni based Shinsiya is a master in the craft of henna art. She understands her client’s requirements first and then crafts a design that suits the occasion. She is also one of the few artists in Thrissur who does portrait designs. You can check out her amazing henna art at @shinus_art_____

Shejitha KA

Henna Artists In Thrissur
Credits – @shejusmehandiart

Specialized in Bridal Mehendi and Arabic henna, Shejitha is a well-experienced henna artist from Kadavallur, Thrissur. She has over ten years of experience in henna art. Her flair for henna art certainly makes her stand out. You can check out her astonishing henna works at @shejusmehandiart 

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Neha Parvin

Credits – @mehandi_by_neha

Neha Parvin is a young and talented henna artist from Kunnamkulam, Thrissur. She has 5 years of experience in henna art and specializes in Indian and Arabic designs. She also does customized designs that compliment her client’s style and personality. Check out @mehandi_by_neha for more information.

Thrissur has a large number of henna artists, and these are just a few among them who will help you to make your big day vibrant with their mesmerizing henna artworks.

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