Beautiful Oops: The Vintage Handmade Gifts Venture

Handmade products have the highest quality made with passion and love. That’s why many of us love buying and gifting these products as it is very thoughtful, let alone unique. Beautiful Oops by 24-year-old Raeesa Manaal is the perfect example of this. Her business venture creates handmade vintage memories using art and crafting techniques, personalised just for you.

What’s Her Story?

If you ask Raeesa Manaal what she loves doing the most, she’d say doing art and crafts and writing. Nothing else would give me such an immense pleasure and satisfaction than these three,” she commented.

She works at an IT firm in Infopark, Kochi, but during her leisure time, she creates vintage memory albums for different occasions for her clients. She shared, “I find happiness in making art. It is like therapy for me. I am passionate about learning and teaching art, and that’s why I started Beautiful Oops.” Her art venture is 1.8 years old, has 10K+ followers on Instagram with over 100+ customers from different parts of the world. It’s a place for her to showcase her skill while teaching others to follow the same suit.

Beautiful Oops by Raeesa Manaal

Raeesa shared, “I used to do watercolour paintings and handmade art during my school-college days. After college, when I joined a firm where I had to work 9-6, I thought I wouldn’t have time to follow my passion. But, fortunately for me, the firm had a very active art club and I joined the team. My art life has kickstarted since.”

She further added, “On December 31st, 2019, I started my dream venture called Beautiful Oops. A friend of mine had asked me to create a handmade gift for his wife’s birthday and I made a vintage Memory Album. It was a beautiful outcome of my love for vintage, photos, memories, flowers, and poetry. I soon started to take commissioned work.”

Why You Should Check Out Beautiful Oops?

Beautiful Oops focuses on vintage bundles by creating vintage albums with photos and writings that are based on different themes like anniversary, baby, birthday etc. The other products that she makes are vintage cards and memory boxes. She also offers a vintage box, which is a collection of vintage materials that can be used in art and crafts.

  • Beautiful Oops in Kerala
  • Beautiful Oops in Kerala
  • Beautiful Oops in Kerala
  • Beautiful Oops in Kerala
  • Beautiful Oops in Kerala

The price of the work totally depends on the time and effort. The price for a regular album with 25 pages is around INR 2000-3000. It will vary according to the number of pages, size and designs. The usual turnaround time is 15-30 days. Ideally, you should place an order a month prior to the actual day of receiving. It takes time only because she has a 9-6 job, and does the commissions only at night and at weekends. The vintage albums usually take 8-10 hours to complete.

You can contact Raessa via Instagram DM or email to discuss themes and design

Instagram handle: @beautifuloops._


Pro-Tip: One of her best selling products is her vintage albums. Her personal favourites are red rose themed albums and baby albums. She’s also a pro at creating intricate designs in black backgrounds.

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