IdukkiGold: The Brand Making Rolling Papers Cool

Nothing can beat the act of rolling an old fashioned cig. While some people prefer to buy cigarettes, there exists a certain section of others who prefer roll-your-own (RYO) cigarettes. The latter enjoys the time-bound ritual of griding their own tobacco and rolling it up using their choice of rolling paper. The founders of IdukkiGold, Kerala’s marketplace for rolling paper, saw an incredible opportunity among RYO users. Their brand story is one-of-a-kind.

The IdukkiGold Story

IdukkiGold, started by a group of three friends-turned-entrepreneurs – Muhammad, Shalil Kamal and Abishek – knew that there was a demand for rolling papers in Kerala. Abishek shared, “The three of us were working in Dubai. Later in 2017, Shalil and I quit our jobs in Dubai and fled back to Kerala dreaming about starting our business. We did our research for two years and in December 2020, we launched Idukki Gold.”

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While some cigarette shops do sell rolling papers, it isn’t as easily available as in other states. They launched IdukkiGold to solve the loophole in the cigarette market in Kerala. Through their website, you can get different types of rolling papers and roach books delivered straight to your doorstep. Apart from rolling papers and roach books, their collection includes wraps, cones and tips. They manufacture everything from 1 1/4 paper to massive 3 Ft Long Pre Rolled Cones, rice papers to hemp papers. 

But Hey, There’s More To Their Story Than Meets The Eye

IdukkiGold has its own line of rolling paper through which they promote the artwork of not-so-popular artists. Every time an IdukkiGold rolling paper is sold, the artist featured on it earns an incentive on the sales. Believe it or not, their Theyyam edition rolling paper got sold out in a month’s time after its first release. They have newly launched a Kathakali edition rolling paper. Don’t forget to check it out.

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  • IdukkiGold

Jeslina John, an illustrator from Kochi, is the artist behind these wonderful art creations. They are planning to feature her artworks for the next two years. The team at IdukkiGold is looking forward to hosting an exhibition of her works at the end of every year to give her the deserved accreditation.

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Muhammad, Shalil Kamal and Abishek are currently doing research on CBD and hemp products. They commented, “CBD products are effective in pain relief, seizure and overall mood enhancement. By bringing in hemp products, we aim to create a more conscious customer base who focus on sustainable living.”

By purchasing their products, you not only get what you want, but you also help an artist survive.

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