Christy: The Movie That Lost Its Mind

Christy, the Malayalam romantic film based on a true story, has been the talk of the town for a while. The trailer looked promising, with Malavika Mohanan and Mathew Thomas in the lead roles. The movie, directed by Alvin Henry, follows the life of Christy and her student, Roy, who falls head over heels in love with her.

When Roy first meets Christy, he finds her sitting amid torn photographs in a messy room, with her face turned against the wall. The scene sets the tone for the narrative, progressively moving away from Christy’s perspective, leaving viewers wondering about her actions and feelings. On the other hand, Roy is shown taking extreme measures to be close to her, but all he gets in return are empty stares or tears.

Christy: The Movie That Lost Its Mind

As the plot progresses, we are left confused by Christy’s behaviour. At one point, she seems shocked by Roy’s actions, but later she is shown mildly approving of them. As the camera rolls on, we’re in suspense, unsure of what’s brewing in her heart and mind. Fast forward, and we witness Roy’s desperate attempts to win her over, but all he gets in return are emotionless stares and tears. Is she hiding her true feelings, or does she want to shatter his heart into a million pieces? Only time will tell in this epic romantic drama.

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Thanks to the shoddy writing, the movie is stagnant at an airport for a prolonged period with little to no plot development. It appears the writers were struggling to conclude their creation and searching for a safe way to end it without causing controversy, given past criticism of similar storylines. While they ultimately find a safe landing, the essence of their creation is lost in the process.

The movie’s only saving grace is Mathew Thomas, who portrays Roy with finesse. His aimlessness, confusion, and recklessness make for a heady concoction, drawing him closer to Christy, for whom his calming presence is a much-needed solace at a difficult time in her life. In Roy’s case, it’s not a case of love at first glance; instead, he finds himself drawn toward her when his friends start teasing him about her. These are the moments when the story truly shines, with the plot flowing seamlessly. And let’s not forget Govind Vasantha’s soul-stirring music, which accentuates these scenes filled with Roy’s enthusiasm and Christy’s wavering heart.

Christy: The Movie That Lost Its Mind

Despite its flaws, Christy has generated quite a buzz, thanks to Malavika Mohanan’s comeback in Malayalam cinema. Christy had all the makings of a promising romantic drama but ultimately fell short due to poor writing and a lack of character development. While Mathew Thomas’s portrayal of Roy was impressive, the film failed to capture the essence of Christy’s character and left viewers confused about her true feelings. Despite these shortcomings, the movie had moments of brilliance, particularly in Roy’s eagerness and Christy’s indecision, complemented by Govind Vasantha’s exceptional music. Ultimately, Christy leaves us with mixed emotions, but perhaps that is the essence of a true romantic drama – to keep us guessing until the end.

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