Loved Super Sharanya? Here Are 5 Other Movies To Reminisce The Good Old Days

Super Sharanya was released recently on Zee5 and qualifies as a decent fun watch if not compared with its so-called predecessor Thanneer Mathan Dinangal. Super Sharanya, though average, is a treat with all the college days shenanigans and other things that most youngsters can relate to. If you really loved watching Super Sharanya, here are other similar movies that you must add to your list if you haven’t already. 

Thanneer Mathan Dinangal (2019)

Created by the same makers of Super Sharanya, Thanneer Mathan Dinangal is a movie that will take every Malayali back to their school days. The movie tells the story of Jaison (Mathew T Thomas) as he hustles through his teenage days in school. His school life becomes miserable when a weirdo teacher Ananthapadmanabhan (Sreenivasan) enters his life. With exams, chilling out in canteen, tour, and teenage love, Thanneer Mathan Dinangal takes us down memory lane.

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Classmates (2007)

This blockbuster movie is one of the best campus movies made in Malayalam cinema. The film has two parts to it, one is the eventful campus life and the other is the reunion where all the classmates come back to college after 15 years. If you had a college life that was vibrant and happening, you will totally relate to this movie. You will see campus politics, hostel shenanigans, love, breakups and much more.

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Aanandam (2016)

While in the 80s and 90s, people took degrees in Physics and Literature, today’s children have no other option but to enrol for an engineering degree. While some feel forced, others feel happy about joining an engineering college. Anandam tells the story of a bunch of friends from an engineering college who explore themselves, and renew their friendships as they set out on a four-day industrial visit (which is nothing but a technical term for college excursion). The film appealed to the majority of the youth who have done or were doing their engineering degree. Anandam is one of the most relatable college buddy dramas released recently.

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Nammal (2002)

I know you might cringe a little but, come on, Nammal is OG when it comes to Malayalam youth dramas. Directed by Kamal, Nammal marked the debut of Sidharth Bharathan, Bhavana and late actor Jishnu. In spite of having newcomers, the film had emerged as a commercial hit. From an early 2000s perspective, Nammal is a thoroughly engaging college drama with some emotional segments to top up the whole story. Also, no matter how old we get, we are never stopping vibing to “Rakshasi”!

June (2019)

Rajisha Vijayan starrer June is about an ordinary girl’s life from age 16 to 26. In this journey of June, the part which stayed with us was definitely the school days. The detailing the film gives to the teenage days in school is remarkable. The ego clash between science and commerce batch, the youth festival practice, the teenage crush, hiding your ‘line’ from your parents, getting caught, breaking up, the ‘bakeryile’ sipup and so much more! Personally, June was a movie that I associated with my teenage days the most, I guess you would too.

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These are a few movies you will like watching if you loved Super Sharanya. If there’s more you can add to the list, comment below.


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