You Were Cool In School If You had These

To be ‘cool at school’ used to be one of the many aims we had in our childhood days. To achieve this objective, we did not have to possess costly things, which seems to be the norm with children nowadays. Rather, we needed only a select set of small but relatively cheap items. Once we possess them, we would become the centre of attraction in the classroom, as many of us found it a chance of show-off. Also, whenever someone was found having it, we would also feel a desire to have the same. We would go home and cry in front of our parents for these things, and would not stop until they got us one.

Here are some of the things that made you cool at school:

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Multi Ink pens

These were some special kinds of pens which had inked with different colours. It seemed cool as we could do draw and decorate with multiple colours. Students would assemble around the person who possessed these as everyone wanted to try it out.

You Were Cool In School If You had These


Like collections of coins and stamps, many of us had a collection of stickers. Some had also maintained a book just for keeping these stickers. No matter how big or small it would be, it would always create a vibe. Some of us pasted these in our rough books, pencil boxes, and even on notebook covers. Many times, classmates came to us asking for some of them.

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Also called mechanical pencils, these pencils gave us a chance to be unique when all other students were using the normal wooden pencils. There were always a number of students who would come to us, as they wanted to try it out too. 

You Were Cool In School If You had These

Mechanical Pencil Box

These were special kinds of boxes, with various compartments. There were buttons that would open up the compartments. It had built-in sharpeners and a section for storing erasers. Some of these boxes also had a compass which made them even more special. It was also considered a toy, and everyone would come to play with it.

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Fancy Stationery

Fancy stationery includes erasers that came in various shapes and sizes, and perfectly round pencils having pictures of some cartoon or comic characters printed on them. There were also sharpeners of a similar type. You would feel special while using it.

Key Chains

Many of us had keychains attached to the zippers of school bags, or even pencil pouches. They came in various shapes and sizes, which made the bag or pouch look special.

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You Were Cool In School If You had These

When we possessed these things, we had really felt the joy of “little things” in our life. Nowadays that joy is hard to find as even the kids have been affected by the rapidly advancing technology.

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