Types Of College Students That We Were Friends With

No matter what people say, college life is something that needs to be cherished. It is during this phase of our lives that we experiment with a lot of things, and maybe do some kurthakedu along the way. But hands down, college life isn’t simple. It’s kind of like high school, but three times the impact. 

The people you hang out with in class, outside of college, and in your hostel – all make you prepare for life. While you may find few characters of your highschool in college, there are others who’ve stuck by you through thick and thin. They are the ones who turned boring lectures into an entertainment show, and also the ones who forced you to go on trips with them. So here’s a list all those characters. Get ready to take a trip down memory lane.

The Singer

There’s always at least one singer in the batch who everyone raves about. This person represents the college during inter-fest singing competitions. In fact, the Singer is usually spotted in the canteen singing, trying to grab everyone’s attention and entertaining everyone during drunk nights.

The Party Dresser

This person dresses like there’s a party to attend every single day in college. They’re the eye-candy and mostly ends up being the ‘popular’ ones in the college. Also, they’re found clicking selfies 90% of the time.  

The Fighter 

The Fighter wakes up thinking, “Innarude mekkatta kayaruva?”. They love the adrenaline rush they get during a fight, and it’s almost like their day would feel incomplete without adding kerosene to the fire. Also, they’re present in every fight, every!

The Padipist 

The Padipists sit in the front row for every lecture. Even if there is a fire in college, you would still find them studying in the library. These are the people who sell their college notes in return for cash during study holidays. 

The Ozhappan

This kind hates being in college because his parents forced him to take the course. The Ozhappan survives only because of his friends. His skills? Playing pranks, causing trouble, and failing in exams.

The Rich Kid

Everyone wants to be friends with the rich kid because they get to enjoy a few perks, like getting free rides in their car or getting invited to fancy house parties. But, the Rich kid usually ends up being a jerk because of his/her poocham. 

The Politician 

This student is highly active in college politics. Most often, they’re the President of some college political party, whose only job is to host rallies and sometimes cause a major ruckus. It is because of the Politician that we have college strikes. 

The Kozhi

The Kozhi would do anything and everything to grab a girl’s attention, including stalking them in their hostels. He flirts with any girl who talks to him with the hope of getting into her pants. He is usually the proud owner of the biggest porn collection in the batch and carries condoms all the time for he feels he might get lucky anytime. 

The Photographer

Every college has a guy who owns a DSLR and calls himself a ‘professional photographer’.  They’re usually summoned during college fests and when profile pictures have to be updated. 

The Extreme PDA Couple

You’ll find them making out in every nook and corner of the college. They will never get a room because they love broadcasting their love. The worst part is that they call each other ‘baby’. 

The Kallu Kudiyan

The drunk of the college will teach you a thing or two about drinking. The only way to make this person happy is by gifting him a bottle of alcohol. In fact, almost everyone in the batch learns alcohol drinking etiquettes from the Kallu Kudiyan.  

The Sports Champ

The hot and the handsome Sports Champ is the charm of the college. When they step on to the sports ground, everyone’s eyes and hopes are on them. Plus, they have a great physique, making them attractive. 

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