6 Malayalam Movies That Perfectly Captured Your ‘College’ Life

If you’ve opened this page, you must be a person who loves to take a walk down memory lane, every now and then. Ah, the feeling of nostalgia – quite an intriguing emotion, I must say.  And movies do a great job of evoking that emotion, especially the ones that remind you of your college days because those memories are hard to forget.

The list of movies I am about to talk about will make you cry your lungs out, laugh hysterically, text your old buddies, and will put a wide smile on your face. So if you’re looking for something that’s going to give your major ‘nostalgic feels’, allow us to suggest a bunch of Malayalam movies that will remind you of college.

1. Premam

What’s there not to like about Premam? The whole movie is about a guy seeking love. On the surface, it’s focuses of George’s chaotic life. But the actual tone of the movie is how George navigates his life through all the ups and downs of his love life. What’s interesting is how effortlessly Nivin Pauly manages to portray George’s character like it has happened to him in real life. When you get right down to it, the movie is a crash course on love and how, as you mature, you view life more realistically.

2. Chocolate

Everything about Chocolate has college slapped all over of it. I mean, a guy studying in an all-girls college is all you need to attract any Malayali’s attention. While the movie did not necessarily have a strong storyline, it nevertheless finds humor in crafting a fun relationship between friends and lovers. It’s a feel-good, one-time watch movie that can get your weekend rolling.

3. Aanandam

Aanandam is about a group of college kids who go on their first college trip to Goa and Hampi. During which, they realise the true meaning of friendship and young love. The attention paid to details and dialogues makes it worth a watch. The brilliance of Aanandam comes from its ability to turn quotidian college experiences into something that’s slathered with humour. It’s fun, nerve-wrecking, emotional, uncomfortable, and joyful, probably like your memories of college.

4. Sarvakalashala

This Mohanlal classic is pretty excellent once it hits its stride. It tells the story of a man who attends college for the fourth time despite having three masters degrees. Tables turn when he is put in jail for a crime he did not commit. You’ll come for the good ol’ college experience, but you’ll stay for the thrilling twist this movie has in store. In other words, Sarvakalashala is realistically complicated.

5. Classmates

Classmates did exceptionally good when it was released, in case you haven’t watched it. What makes Classmates a worthy watch is its thrilling twist. A group of friends meet after many years for a reunion only to recall certain mysterious incidents that took place during their college days. It’s a delightful mix of old and new, leaving viewers wanting for more.

6. Nammal

Nammal is an age-old movie that went on to become a megahit. The next time your friends come over for a sleepover, you know what to watch! I won’t be revealing much about the movie, but trust me, it’s one of those movies that plays with human emotions, while making us feel elated in the end.

Are there other Malayalam movies that remind you of your college life? Tell us in the comments section, we’d love to know.

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  1. Poomaram is a movie that triggers similar emotions. Although it mainly focuses on a singular aspect (college youth festivals), details like the highly dramatic dialogs, electricity in the air when competition results are announced, the innate bonding that is forged in the minds of college mates during team events and subtle romance are all identifiable aspects of college life.

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