Here’s How Malayali Men Can Pick And Style Printed Shirts

Prints were never considered a “manly” thing. Any sight of a print on shirts or pants on a man was looked down upon eons ago. Well, well not anymore. Malayali men (including straight men) have a visible affinity for printed shirts. Printed shirts have always been out there but never in our land as much as it is right now. 

Deciding to add prints to your wardrobe is not a small deal. And this article will guide you through the entire process, from choosing the right printed shirt and accessorizing it to pulling it off effortlessly the next time you go out.

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Add a little play to your fashion life 

Keeping your wardrobe full of solid-colored shirts and neutrals can end up boring over time. Sure, it is a safe bet, but what is fashion without a bit of play and risk? If you are someone who has tried many styles and finally rounded upon solids and neutrals, go ahead with it. 

But the ones who are new to “taking fashion seriously” and are feeling a tiny attraction towards prints, explore before you settle.

I agree, prints and colors are overwhelming. They are in no way subtle. Prints are loud and each print has generations of stories to share.

The tension around wearing prints 

From choosing the background, and finding the right pair, to accessorising it or not, the questions surrounding printed shirts are a lot to digest. That’s exactly how you have landed here. So scroll on.

Innumerable prints are coming into the market each year; some stay in trend while the rest leaves. Florals, plaids, animal prints, and ikat are a few to name which have been thriving in fashion for decades. 

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It’s all in the color

The foundation of any printed shirt lies in the coloring, i.e the color behind the print and on the print. Newbies can start with prints that have universal colours such as navy blue, white, and black in the background. Most prints go well with these colours. 

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When you are ready for a real colour game, get to know your key colours. Learning colour theory will help in discovering your natural colours and you will see your style taking another turn. 

Use your natural colours in the backdrop and choose prints with colours belonging to the same colour family. 

Dare to take it to formal events too 

You might have been warned that it’s unwise to invest in prints as they are limited to occasions like beach parties, and clubbing that happens once in a while. 

Any style if put out tastefully can go with any occasion. The same goes for printed shirts. Prints can be worn for formal events too. A trick to pull off prints in formal events without looking as if you have come for a beach trip is to go for small, denser prints. It will cover most of your shirt but won’t be too loud for a formal setting. 

Pro tip: Slip on a blazer or denim jacket over your printed shirt to “formal up”.

It’s time to accessorise a bit 

Now that we are done with mental shopping, let’s dress up.

Since printed shirts themselves are loud, tone it down a bit by pairing and accessorizing. This keeps a balance without making you look ostentatious.

Chinos are something you can choose to pair with your printed shirts. Pair your navy blue printed shirt with white chinos. 

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Cargo pants will be apt to give your printed shirt a casual and cool look. Petites, remember to buy mid-rise or high-rise cargo pants. You will thank me later. 

It’s not necessary to accessories your prints as they will play as your outfit, accessory, and everything. 

But if you have an inseparable affair with your accessories, it’s better to choose neutrals. Black loafers and tan shoes are excellent choices as footwear for your printed shirts.  

Sneakers would be best for your weekend clubbing. 

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Wear basic jewellery that goes with every outfit. Put on a gold or silver chain with your block-printed shirt. And you’re good to go.

Comment down your doubts and thoughts regarding wearing printed shirts.

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